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  1. I got an electric guitar and an amp. But I also got one of the coolest cars on the planet. It was a gift from my dad. This picture, while it isn't my exact car, looks just like it. What nobody told me is that it's ridiculously fast. It has a mustang engine in it. So cool!
  2. I already told you guys I can't go w/o my weekly VGDJ fix! Nooooo! I just hope you guys DO end up coming back! Gmrrrr....don't let VGDJ die. And to you people (coughkfccoughsnapplemancough) who blew Pixie and Zircon off, shame on you! They work so hard on this stuff and you can't even find 10 minutes or something to devote to it, when they're giving you free publicity....pretty lame, guys. And what a wonderful present to get 3 days before my birthday.... VGDJ on hiatus...I can't handle the stress anymore....WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! Ok, I'm better now
  3. Ain't that the truth...I'm right next door.
  4. This podcast just reminded me of something. There is most certainly not enough Katamari Damacy love on OCR. Other than the random character picture of the Prince up top, and random background music clips, we get nothing from one of the most random and awesome games in existence. Is that right?! Is that fair?! On another note, Zircon was most decidedly not a Boy Scout...wow....
  5. Awww....soooo sweet. But if I hear mushy talk on the shows, I'll probably throw up. In any case, I hope you guys are happy! Oh, and please don't let it kill the show if you guys break up....'cuz that would suck. erm...that's not to assume that your breaking up is inevitable...I just need my weekly VGDJ fix...that and coffee...yes, coffee is good...and so is bawls...I guess I have an addictive personality...*goes to brew more coffee*
  6. I definitely have to say that I like the idea of reality as a "looming spectre," as was posted on VGDJ's homepage...stupid life, taking us away from the things we want to do (like mixing!) Grr... At least we have our friends at VGDJ to give us a weekly dose of surreality. A toast to VGDJ!
  7. Did anybody else notice that even with Jill gone, Andy pronounced it Koji KOHN-do, not KAHN-do? You must have more influence than you think, Jill! There may yet be hope...
  8. I have to agree, that hiss starts to grate on my nerves awful quick. I love the piano work, but the instrument itself seems of poor quality. Other than that, I think it's pretty sweet!
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