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  1. Woah, first review! I don't have a lot of insight into this, so pardon me for my noobiness ... Anyway, like most piano remixes, it isn't what you can exciting. It's sort of drab. It's not the stuff that you'd listen to day and night. However, it does send chill down my spines. I see you put some effort into this. 8.5/10 Well, I know what song my house is going to play for Halloween.
  2. Pictures say a thousand words, but this...there aren't enough words to decribe this beautiful song! I laughed. I cried. I can't get enough of this! Excellent engineering, nice, large palette of emotions, and great ending! 10/10!
  3. This has a "hyperactive" feeling with it. What this song lacks with repetitiveness, it makes it up with the exotic assortment of instruments and happiness. 9.5/10 YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS!!!
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