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  1. Happy birthday And all ^^. hope you'll have a splendid day.
  2. Cool I don't think i've heard that one in OC ;D
  3. I know this question is kinda out of the question I started with. but is it posible to change "Wave/wav" files into "mp3. ???? ^^;
  4. Well, at the moment I got Yamaha PSR-74. (but I'm consider to get a new one. 'couse it's starting to sound like a old hag sometimes ) Thanks for the anwser I'm really new with music. So it helps alot to know how it works
  5. Hi.. I was wondering about some questions.... is it posible to do remixes with keybards? and do it need to be *midi capitable*,(mine says output). And do you need to have some kinda software(program) to do it ??? (or is it enough with a keybaord). I would appriciate if I would be able to get some kind of answer
  6. Hi, I'm new. <--- kinda obvious... And I'm terribly sorry if I allready did something wrong now ^^;.. Anyway I'm Evanatt, I like mostly drawing pictures, but plays a little keyboard, (even though I don't really read notes ^^).. I still kinda confused. But I think it will all come-*I hope*-... And I hope I get to know some nice people here eh hehehe
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