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  1. Koriantor mentioned a few pages back that he received my gift, haha. One down :P

    Muahahahaha, I'm a secret even after you got your gift!

    While he and I don't talk much, Chris and I are still friends, and I'm thrilled he was able to hook me (you) up with that album. It was printed in limited quantities and is no longer available for purchase, but he had an extra copy that is now yours!

    Also, check your PMs! I signed you up for a pre-order of Mazedude's American Pixels album which will be released in 2013. Anyone who pre-orders also gets a free download of Star Spangled Chips, a chiptune remix EP. So that's waiting for you, too.

    Merry Christmas, dude.

    D'aww, what can I say? This is just too awesome for words. You guys really went above and beyond the call of duty and it's a much more meaningful gift than I could have ever imagined.

    Also, D-Lux, playing through EarthBound was an experience that seemed like more than "just a game," if that makes sense. That said, I would like to say that "Da Black Market" is totally awesome conceptually; the Scaraba theme practically begs to be blended with hip-hop elements and hearing the perspectives of different party members is a great idea. However, your verse was always the highlight of the song in my opinion--it sounds plain cool and captures the serious, "ready to kick ass" mood of Prince Poo perfectly. Bound Together made one of my best gaming experiences that much more special and you definitely helped contribute to that. Thanks a million :)

  2. Got mine today from Mazedude of all people -- I didn't even know he was part of the Secret Santa so that really took me by surprise.

    Ended up being a signed copy of Bad Dudes: Metroid Arrange 25th Anniversary Album, which I had admittedly never listened to. Heard the whole thing today while running a few errands and found myself enjoying many of the tracks. My very favorites were tracks 5, 8 and 11, though they're all phenominal really. Great job to everyone who participated!!!

    Also, Mazedude, I'd like to thank you for being (by far) my biggest musical inspiration in terms of arrangement creativity. Please never stop what you do, it's the epitome of brilliance.

  3. Mazedude's probably the biggest inspiration in terms of creativity. His Bound Together tracks, Hot Air Penguin, Dead Raggening and Tangerine Fever are stellar tracks and I find them impossibly hard to listen to without a smile. I'm sure I'm missing a few gems given the dude has 50+ remixes but his music definitely captured my heart. I've sent a million little WIPs of random tracks to Emunator throughout the past few years and he can definitely see the Mazedude influence :P

    Then there's Michelle Branch. I love her music, especially the Hotel Paper album which sounds melancholy in nature. My dream is to create a remix which captures the mood of the track "Where Are You Now?" and combine it with elements of Mazedude's style. Too bad that probably won't happen for a few years :P

    Recently though, Japanese producer Tsunku's been a huge inspiration; his style is so diverse and melodic. It's definitely why I fell in love with the Rhythm Heaven trilogy anyhow. Seriously, just YouTube "Chorus Men Summer" or "Twoside" and you'll see how great of a composer he is. So beautiful.

  4. ^ I'm sorry :( that happened to me a few years ago when I sent off a package to a friend. The website said it "arrived" at his door yet he never received it... I was really upset.

    That said, I mailed "Part 1" of my gift to my Secret Santa about 2 weeks ago... hopefully it got there in one piece. If it did, I can say that "Part 2" is going to be AMAZING (about 20 times better than "Part 1") mark my word.

    In the meantime, I've yet to receive my Secret Santa gift. I'm not particularly bothered by that--whoever has me, take your time. I've got all the patience in the world regardless :)

  5. I can hardly express how much I adore this album.

    It's not just the qualitiy but the inventiveness that really blew me away. I knew it'd be a treat, given it's motherfucking Theophany, but this... this is just perfect, I've been listening to it whenever I can and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon at all.

    The first initial standout to me was "Clocktown"; the atmosphere is just great and I love that ocarina melody. Then, while I did enjoy the preceeding tracks, I was COMPLETELY caught off guard by "Majora's Wrath". Hearing the familiar "Clocktown" ocarina melody somewhat distorted during what seemed like an apocalypse was vivacious yet ultimately nightmarish. After it was over I literally had to turn off the monitor for a few moments to let it all sink in, and I've never done that before to any other track. Favorite track of yours, hands down. Sorry "Dive" :P

    I've never played Majora's Mask so the nostalgic connection isn't there, but all I can say is I'm *really* tempted to shell out the money for the game. I could've picked up a copy for $15 at a local used game store the other month but passed on that. All I can say is I wish I didn't.

    Theophany, sometimes I wonder how it's even possible to produce such beautiful music. I've wondered this since I heard your work on the DKC3 project and I'm still ultimately curious because it seems almost supernatural. Either way, you've gained a fan for life.

  6. But others... let’s take the opening track, “Road to Double Trouble” for instance. The original intro fanfare was zany, a good way to emerge yourself in the game with some xylophone and trumpets. This mix completely takes that away and changes it into a “moody” original track...and not only did directors Emulator and Cody do this track, but producer Flexstyle helped out too? The entire staff couldn’t even tell that it didn’t sound anything like the original? If they haven’t even played DKC3 or listened to its music I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

    Road to Double Trouble was conceived with the idea of Fanfare in mind and in fact has all of the source...in fact, I even crafted a story behind the track so it *did* match the impact of the original. I really am sorry it didn't resonate well with you.

    I'm happy you like Distant Dreams on Stormy Seas, though I'm not sure if that's an insult rather than a compliment given your other album feedback.

  7. I'm practically 100% certain that I downloaded the album first and deliberately avoided the mixposts (having had the album), but right now I checked out 3 of the mixposts (Caves, Funky, Gangplank Galleon) and they're definitely the ones I'm familiar with.

    I'm still fairly certain didn't download the mixposts, and I deliberately remember individually saving each mp3 from the KiC website. Maybe I'm trippin', who knows? In any case I like these transitions so it doesn't really matter :)

  8. I redownloaded the album (each track individually from dkcproject.ocremix.org) for the first time in 6 years, having experienced a hard drive wipe recently.

    I noticed some tracks are different than they were back in 2006. For example, Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain begins with strings, bells and piano in the opening and I'm literally 100% sure it wasn't like that before. When were these updated?

    Also, phenominal album. On Disc 1 I'm particularly fond of West Coast DK Island, Cry of the Chasmal Critter Chain, Rest & Respite and Beneath the Surface, and I really love Disc 2's Clouded Mind and Ringing Ears & Rare Reminiscence. These are just highlights though--I love the album as a whole. Really solid stuff.

    Edit: holy shit, listening to Funky Monkey Love for the first time in years is AWESOME. Sounds different too.

  9. Ever since the early WIP days I knew this mix had promise... I just didn't know how grand the end result would be. But then having heard completed tracks like Deep Sea Lights, Breaking the Crystal Key,Knautilus, as well as bonus mixes Dive and The Crystal Key is Broken, I knew Theophany would deliver with a masterpiece.

    I couldn't have been more right, really. Absolutely phenominal arrangement with some incredibly professional live instrumentation. I love this mix so dearly :)

  10. It's been quite a wild ride, the past 3 years. I remember clearly the night I found this thread: I had a frustratingly tough week and knowing Serious Monkey Business was coming out on 3-15-2010 gave me the courage to work through the multiple tough situations I had to face. I knew that regardless of how horrible my week was, I'd have a great DKC2 album to make up for it.

    Given the giant gap between Kong in Concert (2004) and Serious Monkey Business (2010), I didn't expect a DKC3 album for several years, if at all as DKC3 was considered the weakest soundtrack of the trilogy. By chance I saw this project under "recent posts" and it immediately grabbed my attention...then I saw that it was remixing not only the SNES soundtrack, but the absolutely criminally-underappreciated GBA soundtrack. Several tracks already had substantial progress and familiar artists (such as Mazedude, zykO and Blue Magic) were remixing some of my favorite source tunes. To say I was psyched would quite possibly be the biggest understatement in history.

    It's funny how things played off from that moment on. I never expected to be part of the project at all, let alone to the extent that I was. And it's all because Emunator is so fucking awesome. :)

  11. Man, when this album releases I'm going to get so incredibly Intoxicated just for the occasion. You might think that's a bit Low Life of me, but I assure you it's Wonderfall!

    Like the Knautilus, I'm going to Dive into a pool of nostalgia and let my problems slide away as I hear the entirety of Double the Trouble! It is here that I'll listen to the whole album in an incredible Undercurrent as I metaphorically visualize Deep Sea Lights--that is, the whole album in quite the euphoric, psychedelic way. The next morning I'd wake up All Mixxed Up but I'll deal with the Afterburn later. Until then, 'Til We Meet Again!

    Hopefully I can listen to this album Beneath the Moonlight.

  12. I deeply regret to inform you that DKC3 has been delayed until 2019 at the earliest :(

    Changed it since you had it first. Can't go wrong with struttin' evil mushroom 8)

    Can't go wrong with ANY character from EarthBound. 8)

    I actually just busted out the SNES and started an EarthBound playthrough tonight for (surprisingly) the first time this year. Haven't got very far yet, as I'm currently levelling up on the Sharks, but I sincerely hope this shapes up to be one of my favorite playthroughs yet! (Then again, I can play through this game 100 times and find aspects of a "favorite" playthrough in each one). :)

  13. Got the PM!!

    I have a few special surprises in store for my Secret Santa. I'm also going to do a bit of extra (very harmlses) investigating to make sure he/she will enjoy my bonus gift. :)

    Edit: to the person who got me, please note that anything will suffice. I'm not picky at all, and regardless of what the gift is I'll definitely find a way of utilizing it. Looking very forward to it :D

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