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  1. APRIL FOOLS! The reason why it took us so long to put together so many previews was because we had to basically construct all the music as quickly as possible from scratch. This project is actually a hoax *sadface*

    05-25 Edit: I've discreetly edited this post so YOU (congratulations, whoever you are!) can SECRETLY check out some of the custom sprite banners for each track!








  2. Brandon, I'm happy he chimed in with his $0.02; his typo caused Prophecy to come up with just about the funniest post I've ever read :P

    @binki2lk: as for the whole "March" release date, we originally (logically) concluded that March was a viable release date, but in recent times were basically clinging onto faith/optimism. Turns out, we can't guarantee any release date. The album will be out when it's out. I know that's not an answer you want to hear, but I do stand 100% by the notion that it's an album definitely worth waiting for through all possible delays. (this is coming from a huge DKC3 SNES/GBA fan!)

  3. I'm not familiar with any of the source tunes in the slightest, nor did I look at the artist list 'til after I heard the whole album, so I'd say my listen was as unbiased as you could possibly get.

    My favorite track hands-down is Weeping Willow, I really didn't want that one to end... I swear, ilp0's a prodigy. Autumn Painter and The Village of Decay for String Quartet also stood out to me as truly beautiful works of art, loved those very much.

    In general, I absolutely enjoyed the album top to bottom, and I'd say it's probably in my top 5 OC ReMix albums at least. Absolutely stellar work, everyone.

  4. March may have been some excited misinformation (forgivable!) from what I've heard from Emu


    All I know is, last time Emu & I talked about the release date (2 or 3 weeks ago) he was like...

    [22:19] Cody Wedel: realistically, when will the album come out now? june?

    [22:19] Emunator: hahaha

    [22:19] Emunator: still looking at march

    ...and, recently (about 3 or 4 days ago, if that) he told me a lot of good news about the things we're waiting on. My bad for misinforming you all, guys... it should be out BEFORE June though :P

  5. 1. I'm going to have to side with DusK with this one. Certain individuals may submit to OCR because they simply love vgmusic; others might do it to get their name out there, for their 15 minutes of fame. Another person might've held OC ReMix on such a high musical pedestal for years that their dream was to improve as a musician and get posted on the site. There are an incredible amount of scenarios and I feel this varies from person to person.

    2. I haven't exactly submitted any remixes to OCR as of yet, but I have contributed to a few tracks from a to-be-posted OCR project album (DKC3). I can say I worked on said tracks because I love vgmusic and OC ReMix as a whole, nothing else. I wouldn't have minded if I wasn't even credited for the mixes in question, that's how much I'm not in it for the "fame".

    After all, I *do* have OCR to thank. I wouldn't even be a fraction of the musician I am today (which isn't much to begin with :P) had it not been for listening to mixes and reading others' critiques. It's almost incredible how such impeccably talented musicians are willing to help out aspiring mixers by providing extremely valuable insight, whether it be critiquing music in depth, recommending quality soundfonts/VSTs, samples or so on. I don't post much, but I lurk A LOT and some of the most heartwarming threads I've ever seen on any forum have been on here.

  6. Project mixposts included:

    A New Place - Nicole Adams fT. M.J. Ault, starla & Tepid ( 2151 )

    Twoson Hits the Road - djpretzel ( 1085 )

    Re-Skewed - David Wise ft. Grant Kirkhope & Robin Beanland ( 724 )

    Melancholy Dreams - Vurez ( 685 )

    Dance of the Zinger - virt ( 368 )

    Project mixposts excluded:

    Twoson Hits the Road - djpretzel ( 1085 )

    Melancholy Dreams - Vurez ( 685 )

    For You - AkumajoBelmont ( 329 )

    May I have this Swords Dance? - ProtoDome ( 223 )

    Can't Stop The Hot Head Bop - AMT ( 164 )

    This doesn't include most of my most-played OC ReMixes which happen to be unposted project mixes (Emunator's seen screencaps of my iTunes) :P

  7. Funny thing: back in 2010 when I threw together the first holiday preview, I jokingly told Emunator "can't wait to do this again next year!" implying the album wouldn't be done by then...I shouldn't jinx myself :(

    I still listen to the bulk of the project all the time though and can thus confirm that it'll be absolutely, entirely worth the wait. Release will be relatively soon :)

  8. Easily my favorite DJP mix / EarthBound mix, and probably within my top favorite 5 OC ReMixes, project or not.

    Brilliant mood and instrumentation, excellent use of source (love how the ending of the soundstone melody was incorporated throughout various portions) makes this one a fine mix. I can definitely tell this mix was crafted with a lot of heart and a strong love of the game in question. :)

  9. OA pretty much unanimously nailed how I feel about this remix.

    I only listened to this mix maybe once when it first came out and subsequently put it on hold (I'm not sure why... I might've been detached from OCR in general at the time). In fact, I'm not even sure if I listened to it fully until now.

    On my 3rd listen in a row, I feel this mix definitely excels in capturing the upbeat-but-tense vibe of the original cavern levels. It seems like something I'd expect to hear in a well-produced Donkey Kong Country 3 Returns.

    Either way, it's pretty nice stuff and I'd rather it be part of OCR than not. Thanks for producing a nifty DKC3 mix, AnSo :)

  10. I remember the night I first stumbled upon the website for The Missingno Tracks, months before the album was released. I was disappointed when I saw that only one R/S/E track was being remixed, but then I saw that it was Dewford Town, which was always my favorite... and then I saw that halc of all people was the one remixing it. Naturally, I was ecstatic and this track combined with a few others (specifically tracks from Gen II and IV) made the wait seem like eons. As in, I don't think I looked forward to any other OCR album nearly as much as I did for this one.

    I don't think I stopped smiling at all when I first heard this track. It basically surpassed my expectations immensely and in turn helped 'make' the album for me, if that makes sense. I could probably write a book on how happy I was with many of the other tracks but maybe I'll save that for another thread. :)

    This mix also gets huge brownie points from me for helping me get through a difficult personal situation a few months back -- I had one of the worst days of my life for reasons I'd rather keep personal, but I just put this on repeat and drifted into a dream-like sea of and nostalgic euphoria. That's the power of such a brilliant remix. Nostalgia, especially in relevance to Gen III, is vast like the ocean and comes and goes like the tides: prominent at one point and then recedes into the collective conscience of the mind as a wave crashes and becomes one with the sea again.

    Thanks for creating one of my all-time favorite pieces of music, halc :D

  11. It's not really fair to brag about how great the album is when most of us can't get it for a few more months :(

    Yeah, as tempted as I was to post something similar, I kinda refrained from doing so for that very reason, lol. But what I will say is that the album will absolutely entirely be worth the wait. I say that not only as a fan of quality music, but as a Donkey Kong Country / Eveline Fischer / David Wise fan.

    Don't worry though, it'll be here before you know it, and I can almost bet everything that it won't disappoint :D

    Heart of the Cave, not without an edit for length and cohesiveness. The arrangement is a meandering mess, tho it could probably be shortened to something more directed and cohesive enough for ocr. If I have time.

    I think I already said this in the thread a few months ago (at least I can somewhat recall doing so), but the current album version of Heart of the Cave is probably my favorite of the GBA remixes. I find myself lost in the depths of thought, contemplation and, at times, emptiness, all of which provide a nice juxtaposition between the blend of warm, nostalgic vibes the track gives off. I never want the track to end and I oftentimes put it on repeat to go through the same musical journey over and over again.

  12. ^ your mixes really "define" what Double the Trouble is about, if that makes sense. Let it Beat is a nice, mellow way to progress into the album after the "epic" opening track, and Unbearable's just about everything one could ever wish for from the source (oh, and Funky's Joint is an interesting take with nice work on the bass). But most importantly, they all have that classic "DKC3" feel that lives true to the nature of the original soundtrack, and that sits really well with me.

  13. This was sudden; it was working yesterday! ;(

    That's what I was thinking too. Every few months or so, I'll stumble upon an OC ReMix on YouTube and have a blast listening to remixes and reading what users thought about 'em. Yesterday happened to be one of those days.

    Hopefully this'll be disputed/resolved soon or something.

  14. Wes gave me the ok to redo the old video preview as a lossless/high-quality audio preview with each track replaced by mirrored segments of the 100% finalized versions. This is by no means the final preview, but is instead a nice little bonus for those who perhaps wanted to hear how some of their most anticipated tracks sounded in comparison to the WIPs present in the original video preview. :)

    (Lossless WAV Download)

    (320 kbps MP3 stream)

    Here's the (slightly modified) tracklist for convenience:


    1. Let it Beat (Dixie Beat) - Brandon Strader ft. Usa

    2. Joe Elm (Crazy Calypso) - 8-Bit Instrumental

    3. K'ReMispheric Pressure (Northern Kremisphere) - halc

    4. Unfinished Business (Swanky's Sideshow) - Matt Drouin

    5. Thrill of the Chase (Hot Pursuit) - Flexstyle

    6. Epic Bananas (Treetop Tumble) - Sole Signal

    7. Deep Sea Lights (Water World) - Theophany

    8. Intoxica (Pokey Pipes) - Radiowar

    9. Krematoa Inferno (Mill Fever) - Mattias Häggström Gerdt

    10. Breaking the Crystal Key (Mama Bird) - Theophany


    1. The Paper Chase (Chase) - Diggi Dis

    2. Ripsaw Boogie (Treetop Tumble) - ilp0

    3. Tangerine Fever (Mill Fever) - Mazedude

    4. Chasing Waterfalls (Cascade Capers) - Blue Magic

    5. Vext (Pokey Pipes) - GSlicer

    6. Aquatic Transformations (Water World) - Halc ft. Level 99

    A few more minor things of interest:

    1. The Enchanted WIP segment has been replaced with a segment of Deep Sea Lights, which will also be in the upcoming final video preview

    2. Tangerine Fever's portion is completely different and will *also* be present in the video preview

    3. Several tracks may either start a bit earlier than before or end a bit later

    In all, if you enjoyed the original preview, I feel this one's worth a listen. Hopefully this'll suffice in the meantime for all of you awaiting the final video preview :D

    edit: updated tracklist with original source titles.

  15. first thing I'll do is play Mario 64 with the album playing.

    Heh, that's what I was planning on doing too (I've even put off busting out the '64 and replaying the game for the time being just for that case).

    This is probably at the top of my OCR Wishlist. One of the things I've always enjoyed most about SM64 is its wonderfully composed and quality-cohesive soundtrack, so that's one reason for me to be excited for this project...but the artist list in particular is what's *really* getting me pumped for the album's release. I'm especially eager to see Sole Signal's take on Cave Dungeon, my favorite source tune in the game, as well as... well, just about every song honestly.

    Nutritious & Fishy, keep up the excellent work :D

  16. He's had this concept in the works long before the final deadline. However, given that he's already done 4 songs for the project, I figured it would be fair to let him have a bit of extra time to finish up the other two that he'd already gotten a solid start on..

    ^ this. In addition to what Emunator said, it should be noted that the both of us would rather release a quality product in due time than remove tracks or have alternate artists rush out half-assed filler tracks, even if that means waiting a while for the last few to be finished. Theophany's tracks are among the very best of the album and his 8-minute, 90% finished Stilt Village GBA arrangement is right up there in terms of quality. Might seem like a long/pointless wait now, but the end result will be entirely worth it.

    We've also been waiting on the artwork (specifically The Maverickk's stuff) and Drew Gourley, the video guy, to finish the final video preview... and for Prophecy to finish up Akuma's Enchanted. Even if Theophany's workload was 100% finished the album would more or less be in the same boat.

  17. @Ando:

    Thought I'd address a few things :)

    We're technically waiting on 4 tracks: Enchanted, Beneath the Moonlight, Distant Dreams on Stormy Seas, Deep Sea Lights (Ambient Mix). Emu already mentioned the scoop with the first two, so I thought I'd shine some light on the others.

    • Distant Dreams is pretty much finished & has been since February. According to Emunator, Theophany has a massive FX/mastering chain going on with Stilt/Game Over that he doesn't want to get messed up, so he's waiting to render a final copy of the track in addition to Beneath the Moonlight when he finishes the latter. Seems pretty promising given Theo's impeccably gifted sense of sound design :D

    • In addition to finishing up Stilt GBA, Theophany will be making a brand new Water World SNES bonus mix similar to what he did for Mama Bird. If his 2 minute concept demo for Water World is of any indication, I have no doubt that the actual track's going to be fantastic, so that's something else to look forward to! :D

    Also, thought you'd be interested in knowing that the upcoming video preview will be showing another portion of Intoxica, among other tracks. Definitely'll be worth the wait, I can guarantee that much! :P

    Not sure about the lossless preview download link. Doesn't seem to work for me either :/

  18. @Brandon: We just did that to get 'em all out of the way so we don't have to torment people throughout the whole album! :)

    naw, they just fit very nicely with how Emu and I were doing the tracklisting heh.

    I find myself listening to Disc 3 the most (mostly because I have an intense love for the original GBA melodies, which the remixes use in very appropriate dosages) but Discs 1 and 2 have some very, very cool remixes and even segments that captivate me upon every listen. I don't think I could ever choose a favorite disc.

  19. If the preview video doesn't come out before Page 100, I'm going to relentlessly beat each and every one of you over the head with my near-infinite patience. I will also wait you to death! :-x

    Can you define "each and every one of you" please? :)

    Wes and I did our share of the preview over 3 months ago (he synced 11 minutes of remixes with SNES/GBA gameplay footage I recorded to accompany the video). We've been waiting this whole time on Drew Gourley to make the preview really shine, and to be honest the wait shouldn't be much longer now (I know, I know, we keep saying that, but it's the truth :P)

    8-19 edit: Wes, why you no update thread with bonus disc icons? :P

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