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  1. YEAH!!! YER THE FUGGIN MAN! Big belated haps on the birthday!!
  2. Well I'll start by saying i dont know anything about music on the technical level, but I do know games, and I have to say I really enjoy this remix. I find myself bumping it to the front of my music list quite often. Btw sneaking in Protoman's theme was a really great touch, nobody ever really gives that little tune enough credit (short tho it may be).
  3. Usually i just lurk the site and check out the new music that comes through but i just had to register to drop my praise for this song. This is with out a doubt the most PHENOMINAL Legend of Zelda remix of all time! I genuinely cant imagine anything that could ever top this. You've got me jammin this out at work, singing it in the shower, blasting it in my car. Honestly i think i can die happy, and they better be pumpin this song on my ride up to the pearly gates o_o Keep up the great work!
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