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  1. So some you have me beat, but I beat most... I got a Wii! And two weeks before Christmas too, haha... Apparently my grandma was at a Circuit City, as they got two in... one reserved, and she got the other one, which she gave to my parents, who were playing it before I even got back from college. I was pretty excited, so much fun. And a baritone ukulele, which I had promptly forgotten about, even though I am a trumpet player, it is still fun. End of list. Edit was the uke =/
  2. First off, I have to say I'm really enjoying this game. It's a lot of fun, and I haven't played 10 or 11, but I played the other 9, and the changes are different, but very innovative and cool, in my opinion. ===Possible Spoilers=== Anyone notice ties to Star Wars? Specifically A New Hope... I just got to the dreadnaught after Bhujerba... Ashe = Leia, trapped in a big IMPERIAL ship, kept captive. Vaan = Luke, trying to save Ashe for seemingly unknown reasons Balthier = Han Solo, He's a pirate and being hunted by Bounty Hunters Fran = Chewy, Balthier's partner in action Vayne = Va
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