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  1. Bit late on the uptake, but I heard this for the first time today. I've been listening to a lot of OCRemixes, especially lately, and especially Sonic. I don't know of very many songs, mainstream or otherwise, that have the sheer feel-good rush, as told by KogeJoe, that is brought to us by Dream Pipe, nor the tone that makes you smile. You have no choice, you have to. In fact, the first time I heard this mix, I giggled. An eighteen-year-old boy, giggling. I heard nothing reminiscent of Ice Cap or NiGHTS in this piece, although the care-free sound, I think, would mesh well with NiGHTS as stage
  2. Hey, Wassap, I'm Hirosuke. Well, thats my alias. TimE, I have a strong suspicion that your name is Corey Bero, from my US History class. About my personality: I'm cheeky and sarcastic. I don't have a problem with you untill you annoy me, wherein I will inform you that you have done so. Tell me if I piss you off, and I'll apologize, simple as that. Anyway, I'm currently working on a Protoman mix in FL Studio demo 5.0, and it isn't going well . I could seriously use advice. AIM is Malkavian Crowt, and EMail is Jeranthehero@yahoo.com, I would appreciate if someone with some talent (READ: every
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