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  1. Agreed. The best tutorial that could be made would be a video showing the process on how one of your approved songs got made. You would be showing how everything is put together. Something like that would show how all your techniques are put into practice. www.Warbeats.com has a few videos like this, but they aren't too extensive and only really touch on the basics.
  2. Does anyone know if the Fruity Loop tutorial videos on the company's website any good? Do they cover a lot of material and present it well? I mean has anyone watched those and after the fact say, "I'm now 243% more effecient"... Ok 243% is a bit of a stretch... more like 240%.
  3. Hi! In the words of Bif the Caveman: "Me like music! Me make music!" My sentiments exactly Bif.
  4. Finally, I found the thread I was looking for. It hasn't been updated since August so I'm hoping the discussion didn't jump somewhere else. Here's what's at my disposal: Software: Adobe Audition Hardware: Takamine G Series Acoustic guitar Johnson Electric Bass Brownsville Electric Guitar I'll be adding to this so I can start producing the good stuff. Of course I'm still trying to decide exactly what I need. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting FL 6.
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