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  1. I for one have been a little busy on the far east cost as a Disney CP, building mah new comp after frying processors, and playing DSi (358/2=epic), not to mention school, hanging out, and free trips to the parks. Sure I've been on WoW, but not in forever on Illidan, and not nearly as much as I once was. Not to mention L4D2 is AMAZING XD Ya'll aren't completely off my radar, just sucks that it's been so long, and a now 3 hour time difference. -Opt
  2. Sorry I haven't been on much, it's been very busy irl, plus got like a half dozen other games at the same time (Mario tennis on the wii!) I'll be back, I swears it!
  3. 40 man raids impossible to pug, DKP, and 5 hour raids. Who even knows what happened to people who ditched on raid nights >.< Oh, but there was good shaman PvP then. WINDFURY CRITICAL!!!
  4. My shaman UI I decided a little action-y shot of my sham would show a bit more about perl. It also has the option to color code debuffs on the borders of a target, including only if it's dispellable. You can also track who's targeting you (good for tanking), alerts to aggro (dpsing), and adapts health bars to healer based modes (healing ). Overall I think PitBull does have a LOT in customization available, but it's a lot easier to configure Perl, and it's almost as configurable. The biggest differences were the arrangable order of bars and buttons, as well as the incoming heals part. You can see in my pic, though, that you know who you target on an outgoing heal with Perl. Perl's option menu is also visually simplistic, and easier to understand what's going on. (For the record, that long line of buffs is CT_Buff, and I'll be changing that when I stop being lazy, it gets LONG in a raid ) Edit: You know, at least you'll be more prepared for dual speccing
  5. Well, I just tanked UK, the second time I've tanked EVER, and I don't even have any of the tanking talents. Fortunately Frost Presence and the cooldowns are all any death knight at this level needs, plus I've stockpiled a lot of the high +stam greens - 13.5k in FP Speaking of which, any pointers would be most acceptable This only happened after I looked at this UI mod PitBull. I fiddled with it for an hour and a half before I got the bars just the way I wanted them, but decided just before UK I prefer X-Perl. Is that the UI you're using, Val? If not it's similar, but I also wouldn't reccomend it (WAY too much time to set up). By the way, my UI's goes a little something like this. That's X-Perl, Bartender 4 + Button Facade, Magic Runes, though I've recently added ForteXorcist to the mix as well. The rest of my characters, though, have the standard player - target at the top setup.
  6. Fine, I'll just post my comment in here since you refuse to respond in game You call THAT cluttered? I barely see the center of the screen in raids on my shaman. And does that bar swap automatically via mod or just keybinding? When dual-spec comes out I'll be able to manipulate between resto and elemental as to which is my main bar, but beyond that I just click when I feel like attacking anything. It's also good to know that you enjoy arguing about what's better for death knight talents, since you're great at the theorycrafting thing too.
  7. And some with several *cough* VILECAT *cough*, as well as several who are getting close. While I've been getting ever so much closer to 80 on my lock, I've been prioritizing my death knight, who is less than a fourth of a level away from Northrend. I've been seeing at LEAST five people online constantly, and it really is only a couple 80s short of a full 10-man raid when everyone's on.
  8. Well, shoot, I'm having a blast with my 80 resto shammy and my 78 now destruction lock... I'll be trying to actually get back over there, though I dunno whether I'll get back on my Hunter or go dk (I've a 73 on Mug'Thol). Grats on the Sartharion run, though, since I can't say I've even downed the 3 drakes yet. I've had ONLY 1 good 10-man Naxx group that never wiped and I got 4 epics from it. From that point on people in general have been sucking horribly, myself excluded Example - I just got recount (great mod) and was in a Sarth group, the other healer being a pally and RL. The group gets 2 drakes down before the DK MT starts complaining about someone taunting mobs off him, and we wipe on the next trash group. At this point we start rezzing the group and I just barely hit the aggro threshold for the pat and the 3-4 up got owned, so I get kicked. It wasn't just because of that though. The pally decides my 600k total healing compared to his 1.1M healing wasn't enough. I'd agree, too, if it weren't for my 200k overhealed compared to his 900+ THOUSAND. So yeah... I've just been busy getting my lock up, so I could prolly switch over within the weekend.
  9. Ah...one of Mazedude's now 45 remixes, each one as unique as the next. This one, in particular, is as distorted and disturbing as possible, although that's probably to do with the source tune . Great, as usual, but it doesn't really go anywhere after the last theme starts at 1:50. It sounds amazing, don't get me wrong, but I feel like I'm left hanging as the song just fades out on that last loop.
  10. That excellent harp hooks me from the beginning. The dynamics throughout are fantastic; all over the place in the best way possible. Great orchestral arrangement, like everyone here has already said.
  11. Nice, bright woody mix. Really like the transition at 0:37. Great instrument arranging, from the Flute duet to the touch of harpsichord. I do agree, however, that the bassoon solo is drowned out around 1:07. Great work, keep it up!
  12. Ah, classic sonic with classic hip-hop containing the classic desert theme. I'd say this is a classic example of how classic music can be stylized in many different classic genres and still have that classic feel. And I must say, Jose, that this tune for me is an instant classic, in case I hadn't gotten the point across.
  13. Well I suppose there's not much new to say here, 'cuz to me, and to so many other people that agree, this mix is definitely one of those that can be set on repeat for a week and I'd still not be tired of it. While I can't figure out exactly where each part is from (I've played it, it's familiar, but it's been awhile), that won't make me skip this track anytime soon.
  14. I can't tell if the phrase was intentional or not Glad to hear bLiNd's feeling good enough to contribute to his own get-better-soon album. Very upbeat, long, and excellent, definitely can agree that it's the perfect exclamation point to the album.
  15. Another day, another jazz piece to sanctify. Very mellow, calm feel to it. Articulations are very dynamic and fit with the style. Solo bits from the instruments were each unique and well performed, especially the saxophone one
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