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  1. Advanced tactics vids Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Advanced How to play 1 The basics ---Short Hop ---Fast fall ---L-Cancel ---Combination (SHFFLing) Advanced Dodges ---wavedashin ---wavelanding Advanced How to play 2 Shielding Is Good ---Shield Grabbing ---Up Smash / B out of a Shield ---Waveshielding Recovery Techniques ---Teching - Standing ---Rolling ---Ground ---Wall ---Wall Jump ---Edge Tech Edge Techniques ---Edge Hogging ---Edge Hopping ---Edge Wavedash Advanced How to play 3 Dash Techniques ---Dash Dancing ---Dash Canceling ---Pivot Jump Canceling
  2. Greetings everyone, I've finally decided to join the forums instead of just lurking to find good remixes. I've been here a lot of times but never thought about what the forum is really used for aside from reviewing the remixes. Now that I finally joined the community I will hopefully be able to start learning these music terms spoken so much on these forums(I have no idea what SID/Bassline/synths to give a generalization of what I don't understand) The goal is to finally be able to remix music myself.
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