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  1. yum yum yum this is such a fun fun one! Definetly cute like said above. Cute and lots of feel good stuff. Oh and starting at around 2:11 does me in something beautiful. The piano the PIANO!! YESSSSSS THE PIANO! FAAAAABBBULLOUUUSSSSSSS
  2. Smooth reaaaaal smooth, man. I dig whole heartedly. Who needs to be fast and crazy all the time? Not me and neither does my music taste. The original wasn't even fast! This is a delightful little number.
  3. hahahahah Pretzel was the easily amused one this time. I like what's happening during the middle of this mix. The beginning eh. I don't hear what's so chaotic about though. This is mild to me. edit: actually I take that back, its grown on me while I posted this and now I like the beginning! whooOOOoaaaaa my will is easily bent.
  4. This is lovely! I havn't heard any other Green Hill remixes and I don't know why! Its one of my favorite sonic tracks and I really would love to here more variations. I like this one alot. Pumps me up. I don't know why the judges here always like these things short. Impatient and so hard to please! I like my mixes to be loooong so I can be in a trance listening to it for a good 6 minutes to an hour even. Good music is my high.
  5. I may be easily amused, but I can still feel the good and bad character in music. Although it may be the sample it's self heightening the song, I still enjoy all aspects. I am not a rap/hiphop hater. I have found alot with soul and I never shut out what may have potential. I always always love good hip hop and R&B using awesome samples, and for the sample to be Ice Cap Zone is just ....WHOAAAAAAA TOTALLY BOMB ASS!! I dig I dig I dig.
  6. Yah, I've heard so many different mixes for icecap. It's a favorite to do! I'm always on the look out for the best of this track, and this one has remained the one to warm my heart the most. Forever excellent.
  7. yes yes yes YES!! This is a GORGEOUS SOULFUL piece! I get lost in it! My imagination goes wild when I listen. Excellent and beautiful. I wish to hear more remixes from this artist. Oh yah I also want to say I feel bad for those who cannot feel IT. Because THIS is IT!
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