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  1. Hey Kevin! Its good to hear from you....and yes, I was off of the site for quite some time (school and work were really kickin my ass for a while). Im just now starting to get back on, and I plan on becoming more active again. I've been learning more about production, arrangements and such here and there, and am continually improving. I just started work on something today I'm kinda liking. Its good to hear things are going well on your end....definitely keep in touch!

  2. Hey Rod,

    It's Kevin. I see that you haven't posted in a while. I guess you found yourself occupied with other things? Anyways, I've been out for a while but I've been getting some more experience with working with samples. I'm planning to start picking up my production again in the new year and i'm going to be prepping until then. I just thought I'd send you a little message in case you were still active.

    Feel free to hit me back whenever if you get this message. Irregardless I hope things are going well for you out there on the east coast.


  3. Thanks a bunch for your critique! I've been posting this every few months for the past year or so and I have gotten some really good critiques and having your thoughts on here really makes me encouraged to keep trying. Most of what you have said was a reiteration of past reviews in the WIP forum: (8/9/07) http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=8586 (3/27/07) http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=10426 On this thread, Splunkle, Radiowar, and JMr all commented pretty much the same as you, although this was a prior iteration of my arrangement. The current one I was focusing
  4. Thanks for the support. I have been trying to work on this arrangement again, but I set it aside about 5 months ago because I just couldn't listen to it anymore and was running out of stamina to produce more ideas/motifs. I don't have any prior arranging experience so this is all from scratch. Let me know if you think you can do anything with it. I am also contacting one or two other people to see if they can support me on arrangement or production side as well since I am just an amateur arranger. Kevin
  5. http://www.myspace.com/grandfatherkeyesakashiningpearlywhites I have been working on the arrangement for a while, posted it and got suggestions to find someone who can handle production and submit it. I produced the track using Finale SongWriter 2007 and modified EQ with Audacity. Samples used by Finale are horrible, the piano in particular and rhythm is very robotic. Since I am not well acquainted with Reason and FL yet, I cannot produce at this time but I would like to get this thing submitted so if there are arrangement issues with the judges I can continue working on it again or move
  6. I did a sparse cover of this several months ago. I just hit the bricks again and tried to layer the sound better. It still sounds sparse to me and I am having a writer's block on more ideas. I'm planning on putting in two more solos, one focused on a duet with pizzicato and sax and another focused on violin and the sax, and of course a better finale. Please let me know what you think!
  7. Do you recognize where this source tune is from? I want to work on a rearrangement for it.
  8. Do you have any notation on this? I would love to put it all together in the way it sounds on your track.
  9. I like messing around with Audacity and making long compilations of people's remixes on one theme. This one is with Alex's marble zone remixes from The Cynic Project. I've spoofed up little areas here and there to keep it interesting for myself. I didn't mess around with 'lost marbles' as much as I might have, but it is 6:00 in the morning now, so I'm going to bed. Props to Alex as he puts out awesome music, remix or not. Enjoy the spoofs, it changes it up! Part 1 of 2 Part 2 of 2
  10. haha, what? You got another wip coming soon? I'm really into the two demos you already have. sweeet.
  11. Hmmm, I'm trying to find a way to replace the piano samples I have for finale. I'll repost with the new sample when I figure it all out. haha finale is really not that great of a program for sound quality!
  12. I've only listened to the most update version and not any previous ones. I wish I could hear your leads in the soundscape better. You need to balance it all out! Then I would definitely love this, it's beautiful! If you cleared up the soundscape, I think this would pass. For instance in the beginning, I want to hear the strings a little sharper, but still be in the background. It would sound awesome and you would be able to hear your application of its strong supportive element, specifically feeling the way you wrote it.
  13. I rewrote some of the arrangement and touched up the panning with Audacity. It's only half rewritten.
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