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  1. novel idea. needs more 'remixing' and interpretation imo. But don't trust my opinion. Most are kinda short too.
  2. Here's my advice (if i'm warranted on giving advice): Take advantage of the rising melody! It'd raise my spirits to at least once have you bring in the higher octaves for the lava reef melody. Personally I think none of the lava reef remixes on this site exploit the strength of the lava reef melody, that is it's rising action and climactic ending. I think only the source captures that feeling best. Although if you listen to Rexy/Hetcenus' remix of lava reef on Project Chaos, entitled 'Beneath the Ashes,' they are partially able to bring out that strength. But even their remix doesn't pimp that strength; Secluded Stronghold on Project Chaos doesn't even use it. Lover Reef doesn't quite get it; Rayza's remix misses it and uses the chord structure instead to bring that action; Darkesword's 'Angel' misses it because of the flute solo; Lava Reach misses it because it over uses it and keeps it under wraps and is a long relayering of the entire melody so you never really get the full experience; hot ice is second closest but since it doesn't use primarily the lava reef source it misses it. You seem more musically inclined than I am so I think you got the best shot at getting a pass at this.
  3. haha, yay someone else who did finale on a frequently used source! i'm not alone! Needed a higher frequency intro playing the lead, the lead that starts at .59, imo. I recognize the synth for the violin! Haha finale… Slow intro, you could make it work but gotta do something. 1:36-1:51 was interesting solo. Sorta repeated, ok. 2:05-2:10 nice transition 2:10-2:25 little empty here, if you want it to sound like that maybe go quieter and drop the layers at this point 2:27-2:45-3:18 Melody of hidden palace and lava reef repeats and then goes to lower octave 3:06, liked that one sound there where you bring the violin up higher 2:45-3:20 I like the layering here, maybe use this layering earlier, I heard the lover reef motif at the end there 3:20- similar to beginning Don't take my comment wholly serious because I am not very well acquainted with utilizing drums. I thought the percussion was a lacking in creativity; but perhaps the tenor of this piece calls for what sounds to me like 'the taps.' Didn’t especially like the ending because I couldn't hear the arrangement you had on the lead synth (which I wanted to hear), but it also felt repetitive hearing the hidden palace/reef riff repeated (just like in mine; it annoys the hell out of me). What I tried to do in my remix was alter the chord structures of some remixes/demos I'd heard of these two sources and played around (perhaps too liberally) with the many motifs that I found through MIDI's of this and also threw in some of my own interpretations of the lava reef melody. Do you have the saved .mus file? It’d be interesting to see it. If you get a chance could you listen to my remix? http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=8586
  4. I apologize ahead of time for the low volume (I have to use Audacity to record right now from Finale), horrible organ synth, and 5:00-6:00, I couldn’t edit it because my computer ran out of juice. I just had too many ideas and got lost in the notation so I missed how much I was repeating the same motif. I started working on some of the first couple of minutes again where the orchestra is supposed to kind of take a backseat and shut up, but I hadn't worked out the notes on the piano to switch from the hidden palace riff to my own interpretation based on the chord structure. I'll probably do that in a couple of hours so until then the first two minutes will be a little rocky, but from then on it seems to go alright (minus the reptition). Anyways, ENOUGH TYPING! Please listen! If you're a lava reef lover, I think you'll take this for a spin, just be light on my production. Thanks! NOTE: I want to edit some more but I’m limited to computer recordings on audacity because I’m still getting together my handles on FL studio and I’m using demo version of Finale SongWriter that doesn’t let me save. Haha, oh the quality of laziness of condition. Here’s my self evaluation. Perhaps if you could tell me if you agree? Some of the time are off give or take about 10-20 seconds because I cut out some stuff and added in a couple of previously recorded samples. 1:00-1:40 is a bit rough, I had two sheet notations in finale and ran out of space. I couldn’t record the whole thing so I had to paste and there’s overreptition for 10 seconds more than I am comfortable with hearing. Some of the arrangement is unrealistic, mostly because the arrangement is pretty much recorded through cheap piano sounds so in FL studio or Reason I would have changed the supporting synths, but I hope that you can still hear the supporting sounds of ‘double piano.’ 3.37-3.45 I was just speeding up and having fun with triplets so ignore that, I’ll probably edit it out later and save an original track for myself. Around 4:20-ish-4:30-ish there’s another finale sound cut. I really gotta buy an upgrade. Weak transition at 4:36 Same at around 5:00ish I guess since the end was kind of drawn out it sorta works, but the last bit of variation from 5:57-6:32 was supposed to be integrated somewhere else. Was hoping to integrate a more dramatic ending and bring in the orchestra a bit earlier and end with some altered motif, but I ran out of space and computer resources as usual. Organ lags a lot… I love finale for arranging shit but I gotta learn how to use FL quicker. Favorite part is the first transition at 1.40.ish Overall: On the whole I’m still missing a really outstanding main melody. It drags on in places and is a little repetitive. As before, sounds are basic because of the program I’m using. Oh and yeah, it’s past the 6 mb limit, but I don’t plan on submitting until I put on some more work on this. I’ll probably do a lot more editing (that means cutting out all the extraneous repetition!). I’m still going to do more editing in audacity to mess with the recordings I already have. Maybe I’ll try to do some more work on this in a few. Thanks for the replies in advance. oh yeah, by the way, if I end up being any good at production side, I'll change my name to Grandfather keyes. haha or maybe something like pearly white keyes. For now I'll just stick with my IM sn. lol.
  5. yay! Update(¿!?) : http://khoriko.googlepages.com/Sonic__Knuckle_Keyes_on_the_Ocean_Fl.mp3 If you want to see some of the arrangement on paper: http://khoriko.googlepages.com/KeyesontheOceanFloorfile1.GIF http://khoriko.googlepages.com/KeyesontheOceanFloorfile2.GIF http://khoriko.googlepages.com/KeyesontheOceanFloorfile3.GIF
  6. Yeah I'm trying to learn how to use fruity loops but I can't turn over these samples into better quality until I figure out exactly what I'm doing production wise. Would you suggest Reason or cakewalk over fl studio? I'll post a smaller list of files so that it is easier to listen. Yeah this is my first remix. All of my samples are produced using the sheet music program finale Songwriter. So production wise, of course it is going to be pretty hard on the ears. But I guess I'm trying to arrange the song first and then turnover all the prescribed sounds from songwriter and make them sound more clean in one of the production programs.
  7. ==Edit== I posted a full song down below. This is where I started from. Please comment. UPDATE MARCH 27TH, 2007(¿!?) : http://khoriko.googlepages.com/Sonic...e_Ocean_Fl.mp3 If you want to see some of the arrangement on paper: http://khoriko.googlepages.com/Keyes...Floorfile1.GIF http://khoriko.googlepages.com/Keyes...Floorfile2.GIF http://khoriko.googlepages.com/Keyes...Floorfile3.GIF ==Edit== NOTE: All of these samples are written using Finale! Songwriter so the sound samples are pretty crappy, but on the arrangement and layering side, I was wondering if any of these are up to par or are leading in the direction of a remix. Please, I'll appreciate ANY input you can give me. First try http://khoriko.googlepages.com/DEMOHPfullpart1.mp3 http://khoriko.googlepages.com/DEMOHPfullpart2.mp3 http://khoriko.googlepages.com/DEMOHPfullpart3.mp3 http://khoriko.googlepages.com/DEMOSpellvoOrchestrallpart1of1.mp3 http://khoriko.googlepages.com/PrecursoFlutereviseddemo2.mp3 http://khoriko.googlepages.com/1stsamplehiddenpalace.wav Source Material Midi Rip http://khoriko.googlepages.com/Lavareefpianomanuscriptmelody.mp3 Melody Rip http://khoriko.googlepages.com/LavareefmelodystraightkeysNOALTERATI.mp3 Piano Midi rip alteration http://khoriko.googlepages.com/Lavareefpianoalteredmanuscriptmelody.mp3 Thank you for your help.
  8. Megaman X2 - Zero's Rebirth http://www.ocremix.org/songs/original/Mega%20Man%20X2.rsn I am not as technical yet in my analysis, but this could be potentially a much stronger song by just discriminating when choosing the instruments and making the lead more prominent. You also might want to look at some of the other zero spoofs, there are enough to still be original and stand out from darkesworde's 'beamsabre BEATZEROv2.'
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