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  1. Hey everyone I found this indie game that is trying to get a new cool video game made. It's going to be 4 players and for a new video game system called the Ouya Check it out and give them a vote: http://www.saltvalleytally.com/campaign/detail/272
  2. Hi housethegrate. I really like your Final Fantasy 6 Siezed With Fury song. Is there a way I can get a .mp3 version of it at 320 kbps or a .wav version? That would be awesome.

  3. I have some new WIPs Tell me what you all think. I know I am not all that exellent http://www.mediafire.com/?2mjsoozvtga "Burnt Crispy Toads" From Game and Watch Game and Watch has got to get some love! So I am Trying again. This one does not cut out like 8 legged Terror did http://www.mediafire.com/?65bbrxmon0m "MM3 Snake Man's Fortress" From Mega Man 3 I tried to make this one cool by having different parts of the song play at the same time http://www.mediafire.com/?3oykpyoozzv "Void Of the 6th" Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening This one was made on a personal vendetta. I got stuck on this dungon forever as a little kid so I made the song to mock being stuck in dungons essentially http://www.mediafire.com/?dmmj3n9pv1k "SMB3 Water Giants World 3-4" From Super Mario Brothers 3 Interesing that the melodies in world 3 and 4 are inversed. So I played around on it... Still needs work http://www.mediafire.com/?ex4x2yxj8tq "Z3 Dark Triangles" From Legend Of Zelda A link to the Past Personally my favorite Remix I have made. I really like it. but I just want to see what you all say !!! Yes I also really like void of the 6th because it is simple but has a sense of humor
  4. Now that would be cool to make a remix of the Hyrule feild re-mix. Although it would be hard to beat the origional.
  5. Oooh cool, can I hear that remix? That's kindof nifty that they were named so similer
  6. I decided that for now it is finished and sent it in to be judged, I know it may fail, but oh well. The fact that my computer has now fried that has the data for being able to edit the song. So I'm sad. I thought I had a back up of it too, but it was wayyyy out of date. Although I would still like comments on my song and will continue to be open about it.
  7. Wow it's... funkey. I have a personal like for that song, so no madder how poorly it is remixed I'd still like it. (Not saying yours is bad) I would call this remix, "Turbo Midi Kart" though... I like it, but you can still do more to it I think. Yes by the way, the start scared the crap out of me. I'm a noob too though so Don't listen to me I'm just crazy.
  8. That's true, If I remember right that's where it suddenly cuts off to the "you lose" music. See in the game you avoid this big octopus's legs and try to hack off with the treasure. Well when you get hit It cuts the beutiful music off and plays this nasty death music, so that part was supposto come across as a joke to those who have played the game. That is true I probably ought to change that, but I like it, so I may do an update later when I'm at home and knock that out. Or wait! even better I could use my I mike and record me saying Game Over, so everyone else get's the joke too!
  9. I've downloaded your song. I can't listen to it right now ( I'm at work and I forgot my headphones ) But I will respond with my opinion later. I'm new too. Check out my WIP eight legged terror
  10. I'm a noob. So this is my first shot, I'm all ready for compliments or complaints This song comes from the Game and Watch (G&W) series for the game boy. I know the song is found in the first and fouth G&W The octopus game where your goal was simple. Steal Money!!! Here's The Song: http://www.mediafire.com/?dmfdwjzz4nt (bye the way, my goal is to make one of my songs an OC remix, and that is what I want this song to be, eventually)
  11. I found out how to do it I may put one of mine up today (:
  12. Do you know of any good ones that are free? I'm going to google it to get more information. thanks for responding, I'm at work and been trying to figure it out all day.
  13. I'm suprised that their is no remixes of the game and watch series for the game boy. They some really cool melodies that you could do so much with. I actually made about 2 re-mixes of these songs (wip works in progress), but I am stupid and don't know how to post the songs in the works in progress section to get a opinion on them. So if anyone wants to give me a hand my wish could just come true!
  14. I like it, it's a happy song. I like songs that can get you up and going. I'm still new so I am not an amazing analyst at songs yet, I like how it build up. (by the way, if I am to post a remix, as a work in progress how would I go about bringing it up to the forum? I mean I have the mp3 and I know how to make a new thread, but how do I post the song?)
  15. Diet Chugg


    ok that is all good, but how would you go about posting some music remixes you are working on? I like to see if I could someday have one of my game remixes become an OC Re-mix.
  16. Hey I'm Diet Chugg, this is the forum of the legendary OC Remixes Right? I got the OC Remix songs from a friend. How would I go about posting my re-mixes to see if I can get one of my songs to get the title of an OC remix?
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