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  1. Another Remix done well before I learned about OC Remix, but I figured I'd share it with the community, and if I get good responses, I may submit for the judges! http://scapegoat.selfip.com/fortress.mp3 If the link does not work, please contact me at psychoscapegoat@hotmail.com
  2. I've been wanting to do a heavier version of the Storm Eagle theme for quite some time, but I wanted to take the time and make sure I did it justice, at least in my opinion I've been playing Metalcore for years now, first in Psycho Scapegoat then in The Great Showdown (http://www.myspace.com/thegreatshowdown), and I wanted to take some of the themes I learned there and apply it. This is the current version. I'm still debating on how to incorporate the main melody of the theme, but I wanted to focus on the 2 main guitars first. All guitars I recorded myself, synthed the bass and drums, but once the composition is complete I will record the bass. I would greatly appreciate any critique on the composition so far, in addition to any mixing ideas/suggestions, as I am new to self-recording http://scapegoat.selfip.com/thrasheagle.mp3 if the link does not work for any reason, please contact me at psychoscapegoat@hotmail.com
  3. As much as I would also love to attend, there is no way to make it from Chicago to Baltimore (especially with the snow outside) around that time. Good luck though!
  4. I love the arrangement. I don't believe it necessarily HAS to be complicated to be nice, I like this song's simplicity. Did you use real guitarwork or a sampler? It sounds like a sampler, and sounds a lot like the one used in FFX (Blitzball, i think...). I would love to get my hands one that one! Where did you get it?
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