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  1. Agreed for the most part. It really depends on the what you are going for and what instruments might be interested in recording. SM57 is used a lot in live performance for bands(for both accoustic and electric. However, they are also good for rythmic setups as well. Such as drum sets(aside from your kick)
  2. ugh...sorry sucks at 12:30 in the morning lol. Plus, I personally don't use those two programs...althoug I mispell Sibelius all the time. I edited it up top btw. I had just been wondering whether or not people used finale or other notation programs in conjunction with sampling programs and such. I also should have asked whether or not they prefer them, but it slipped my mind at the time. Anyways, Just wondering because personally I use Finale to write music before sampling with Reason.
  3. I dont know if this has been asked. I tried to look around for a thread but didnt see anything. If i was just blind i apologize for remaking this thread. Does anyone use finale or Sibelius to arrange their remixes before moving to like reason or fruity loops?
  4. Hi everyone, Im Armagedon New to the forums, but not to OC Remix. First found out about this place when a friend showed me Aeris Lives by Kevin Lau(awsome remix ^^). I've been hooked ever since. Anyways, I don't know why it took me so long to register to the forums here but... I finally did! So... Hello and nice to meet all of ya ^^
  5. I think this was an excellent piece. The detuning was a perfect selection with the style and ambiance. It also shows your understanding of other tuning methods outside of the norm. Great work
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