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  1. 134340 metzgerism (2:49:53 AM): lets pool atulkaranth (2:49:10 AM): ! atulkaranth (2:49:21 AM): why do u always wanna play when im abt to sleep metzgerism (2:50:12 AM): ok atulkaranth (2:59:30 AM): 134340 ! atulkaranth (2:59:42 AM): i want a badass icon ! atulkaranth (2:59:56 AM): j00 gave me umm sum nice looking kid on the forum metzgerism (3:00:57 AM): 134340 atulkaranth (3:00:31 AM): did u get a job btw? metzgerism (3:01:23 AM): um metzgerism (3:01:54 AM): one is working at my radio station on-campus metzgerism (3:01:58 AM): on is for the san jose sharks atulkaranth (3:01:18 AM): sharks ? !?!! ? metzgerism (3:02:05 AM): the sj sharks one is still up in the air atulkaranth (3:01:31 AM): try and get it atulkaranth (3:01:38 AM): u gotta maintain and feed the sharks /? metzgerism (3:02:25 AM): just applied last week metzgerism (3:02:36 AM): www.sjsharks.com atulkaranth (3:02:08 AM): and here i really thought it was an aquarium metzgerism (3:03:57 AM): lawl atulkaranth (3:04:06 AM): i want a new avataaaaaaaaaar Me waits for za blue skull avataar.
  2. 2-0 vs helmholz 1-0 vs Eppy (gg-complex midgame arising out of f4-white). 2nd game Vs Eppy pending.
  3. 1.5-0.5 vs margy .. shes just being modest. Second game was a draw by perpetual.
  4. mmmm...Metzy,can we extend the final bracket to include two more active players to encourage em? It'll make it more competitve. We could then have a final elimination tourney with 8 players which could be easier. [ random double knockout?] - just a thought. Arghh, need sleep was awake whole night zzzzzzz #@!#@#$! - @JD 2900 calories today xD [burp!]
  5. 1-0 against darklordgm and 2-0 vs culturekoi - good games. I dont know if darklord wants to count the 2nd game as he had to leave with 48 secs on the clock. Whatever he says, i dont mind replaying the 2nd game. Edit: won the 2nd game vs keegan - very tight game, he was squeezing me as white midgame and i squeezed right back. Somehow he missed a win and im still tryin to figure out how. Lucky. (his bishop on d6 was scary!)
  6. Vs cnidog 2-0 neone interested in playin, pweej pm me on aim:atulkaranth Games vs cnidog were interesting - a weird semi-slav fianchetto system for black ( me ) and english for white in the 2nd game . haha
  7. oi, im back in action for the next couple of weeks. I apoligize for my absence ^^ Kamoh and keegs pm me whenever im on so we could get our games goin.
  8. im in..(The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your to more than 10 characters.) =)
  9. For those who havent caught me on or wish to, lemme know when ur available so i can try to come on at that time EST/GMT or whatever. I'll try and be on AIM as much as possible this weekend. Just been busy with school work =/
  10. Reporting 2 wins against someone i played that i dont remember. Too sleepy. Edit- sorry, it was grayfox.
  11. Credit fraud? ur the MAN ! teach me wen u get time!! Ok sowwy, wish you luck and this is just a phase imo. Times change and things can only get better =)
  12. Take care man.hopefully your car is in better shape now. Im really worried about it. =(
  13. Win against sketch blue that i forgot to report. OMG, played 2 matches against sovereign and was squeezed like a lemon . Both of us im sure felt the same, hunger+no sleep+chess = brain damage.
  14. I strongly suspect adware/spyware on ur pc. D/l and install spybot search and destroy (the one i use)or any such similar anti-spyware prog. Should take care of it imo.
  15. If Keegs offered u a draw and u accepted before ur time ran out , then the result should be a DRAW- irrespective of the time on the clocks after that. Not fair at all. Lag can be forgiven. =(
  16. win against dama. Couldnt catch setz or kholdstare on AIM yet, lemme know when u guys r up for ur matches.
  17. Wheres my team ? What are they upto? Play your matches quickkk ! ( same goes for me ). If you find me on AIM pm me, and lets try getting a few 'intra-team' instructional matches if anyone has the time. =P Cheers !
  18. I beg to differ without going through all of the your analysis due to lack of time =/ Move # 7. g5 was perfect. Counter intuitive to the fact that black should be playing to free up his center. But moves like this put enough pressure on the king side as white has to lose tempo in making good use of his bishop on d3??? which made me frown for obvious reason. Move # 9 . h3? More prudent was Bg7 or d5 or even Qc7.White shouldve taken on h3 immediately here. Followed by Kh2 making using of the h file himself by forcing a rook exchange by Rh1, <if in case> black captures back on h3 with his own rook! The queen on the h file has nice chances indeed. Such ambition from blacks side should be punished immediately. Why should black play Nc6 on move 15? when Rb8 or Ra7 is better and leaves the active knight on e5?. check this out! : 15: Be4 Rb8!? 16: d4 cxd4! 17. Bg5+! f6 18. f4! (bishop cannot be captured because of the rook on f1) d3!!? (giving back the pawn) 19. cxd3 Nf7 , i think white can hold with the given pawn structure. I would love to play it further tho. No wonder Keegan was so interested in this game. Just my two cents. I may have to analyze it further if i get time . -> to keegan, remember the game we played, the one where i was white here : http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=4625&page=59 Have you gone through that again?
  19. I do? I DO ?!! YAAY YAAAYYY ! /looks at Keegan with a weary look and puts out his tongue. kiddo!
  20. Works for me. Edit: 2 wins against amazchess. This new guy is pretty good, i just hope i didnt scare him off.=( Just that I was all pumped up after my games with Keegan.
  21. Reporting 2 wins each against fire and jd. Anyone up for half matches? Edit: 2 halfmatch wins against kamoh. =)
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