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  1. As a whole I would rate the project an A+, but out of all the songs the two that really stood out to me were Frozen Landscape (Buried in Snow) by Tweek and JENOVA Celestial by bLiNd. I think that they both did a 110% job in capturing the mood of the originals. I'd have to give a slight edge to Tweek's remix since I'm sort of biased to Buried in Snow since I used to play it on my keyboard quite often
  2. ...Okay When was the last time a game took days from your life on a set schedule because you had to either raid or do hours and hours of PvP grinding just to get decent gear? Point being is that WoW is a colossal waste of time as opposed to any other game you can pick up and play at your own leisure... but then again some of us have work and school outside of WoW, so I guess that doesn't apply to everyone.
  3. I'm pretty new to reading sheet music, though I can do it well enough. I've been able to play up to ear by now, and I realized to take it to the next level I should really learn how to read sheet music. Anyway, I've pretty much learned all there is to know save one thing I keep running into. What does it mean when there is one chord above the other above the Treble Cleff? I'm looking at it right now, and it says to play Cminor over Eflat.
  4. Quit WoW while you still can! I had 110 days played on my main alone, got him full t2 plus some 2.5 and decided to call it quits once I realized how much of a waste of time it is. I tried ebaying my account, and with 2 hours left and a $600 bid my listing got cancelled by ebay =\
  5. The thing that suprises me most about this is that there are some who actually follow MLS
  6. I've been listening to a lot of remixes on this site for a while, and this remix is the one that finally made me register to the forums so I could do a quick comment. This is the best remix on this site. It's in my Ipod and has been burned onto a CD for the soul purpose of relaxing me on my way to and from classes (finals anyone?). There isn't much I can say that anyone else already hasn't already been said, so I will just say thank you so much for recreating this exquisite piece of music. Perfect for the dreary drive home at night
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