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  1. Yes, it's a bit rough, but I feel the judges did the right thing in posting this mix. I like it, it's diffrent.
  2. Well, I'll be honest. I almost didn't download this. I did not like "Streets of Rage," in fact, I hate the entire genre in which that game belongs to. However, I am a bog fan og Gecko's work, so I downloaded it. In terms of the song, it's good, and the baseline is awesome. However, I feel it's a bit minimalist. Maybe it could have used some more instruments or something. It felt...empty. Furthermore, the original song itself holds no meaning for me. So, I liked it, and any fans of "Streets of Rage" should download it, but, sadly, it will not grace my playlist.
  3. Great Song. It took me bit to get used to it, I've spent more hours listening to that song while raising Chao than many people have played FF7 (yes, I realize how sad that is). But once I got used to it, the only problem I could find was the title. "THEME OF CHAO" and "Let's Get this Party Started" are two seperate songs. The one you have remixed here is "THEME OF CHAO".
  4. I like it a bit, but I while listening, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. After reading the other reviews, I realize that this IS NOT the origional, yet the melody distracts from what otherwise would be a perfectly good piece. Good work though.
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