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  1. Not sure if I should make a thread on this or not, but when I installed v.7, all of a sudden a lot of my samples I had downloaded disappeared. They still show up when I browse through the folders I put them in, but when I try to use them in the sampler, they don't show up. Can someone tell me what the crap this is all about? EDIT: Nevermind, fixed it.
  2. From what I heard, most people actually thought it was decent. Well, except for this guy: http://www.screwattack.com/Flash%20HTML/ANN/MC/mckidsintro.html
  3. Meh, I've noticed that pretty much any forum with alot of anime fans on it has a general anti-Halo bias. Dunno why. Guess they're all Half-Life fans. Also, I kinda liked the very mediocre Army Men series of games. Except for Sarge's War. That game just sucked balls.
  4. Chopper Attack for the N64 (aka Wild Choppers in Japan). Not neccessarily crap, but definately not a good game either. Hell-as-short campaign, and no multiplayer, and not to mention way too easy to beat. What I do love about this game is just the SHMUPs factor here; basically, it's fun blowing crap up. And the music is cool, albeit repetative.
  5. Eh, any progress on this? It kicks ass so far, although you should probably add more parts to it to make it a bit less repetative, and give it an ending. Also, you have a name for it yet? I decided to call it "Dark Instinct", what with the kind of evil sound to the beginning part.
  6. Yeah, first remix. Submitted a while ago, it got rejected, I forgot about it, then I decided to post it up so everyone can tell me why it sucks. Now, about the remix itself: It's a combination of the songs "Industrial" and "In Trouble" (hence, I named the song "Industrial Trouble") from the original CnC. Uses mostly orchestral samples, as well as some synthesized samples. ReMix: http://putstuff.putfile.com/43179/5199432 Original tracks: You can find them on this download page here: http://gh.ffshrine.org/soundtracks/6830 (note that "In Trouble" is called "Looks Like Trouble" on there, for some reason) Also, in case you can't tell which parts are which, the In Trouble segments are: 0:00 - 00:44, 1:31 - 2:29, and 3:10 - 4:41. The parts in between are the Industrial segments.
  7. Alright, thanks. The way that was implied in the FAQ made it look like the ReMixer had to enter the ReMixID.
  8. Really, that's all? Well... Eh, while I'm here, what does the Tag Specification FAQ mean by the "exact ReMixID assigned by djpretzel at the time of posting"? I don't really understand how I can get the ID before the number actually exists...
  9. I'm guessing this has already been asked a million times before, but how to create id3v2 tags? I read up on the site, and it doesn't say crap about actually converting them (at least, on Windows, since whatever that converter was called only non-Windows platforms). I tried to search this forum, but the search function would only let me search for posts by specific members, and that doesn't really help anything. So, any help, info, or anything would be useful.
  10. Ja, I'm new here. I actually registered about a month ago, but didn't bother to post until now. I'm currently working with FL Studio 6, but I won't be doing any remixes until I figure out everything there is to know about FL Studio and how make music not suck, which will probably be a while. (Also, my name was originally going to be "Big Jack", but I accidentally put in the wrong email address there, and had to create a new account, so now I'm stuck with this stupid zero in my name)
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