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  1. NoppZ, always fresh and original. This is a nice peice and I enjoyed it very much. It has that NoppZ feel to it that I come to know well. It presents itself as a well done, well planned and executed peice. Great stuff NoppZ, can't wait to hear more!
  2. Crono you are not doing anything wrong here. For one almost all good DJ's use samples of other songs and almost always, eastcoast style mostly, use other songs as their chorus. Don't let people badgering you here bother you. You did a great song, other people's lyrics or not. You are right, this is a remixing site and thats what you did. Just keep on doing what you do and don't let this deter your style. This last song was done magnificently and I would like to hear more songs in this style. So I hope that the peopler here have not changed your ideas too much. Great song, Its definatly my favo
  3. Onw of the best remixes I have ever heard. This is one of my favorite songs in any genre, Period. Outstanding job Crono.
  4. Great job here Orkybash. I think that you really captured the essence of this song. The uptempo beat went well with the song and the piano was done very well. I enjoyed this song very much. Good Job!
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