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  1. I find it hard to believe that people who aren't that involved with OCR will check OCR for anything at all
  2. torrents and mirrors would take a day or two at most, all those other things are irrelevant. the biggest fanboys kiss the most ass
  3. This was not nearly as good as I thought it would be, and for the record, the presence of music that uses 8-bit synths doesn't make it any better than it actually is.
  4. We all knew this. Mike was being sarcastic.
  5. Do you even know what the words 'postwhoring', 'trolling', and even 'emo' mean?
  6. how can you push back a bunch of mp3s that just sounds like laziness taking hold of ya
  7. yeah that would be retarded
  8. Sorry everyone, I've been busy. Start bugging me later tonight and I'll probably be able to play.
  9. Anything by Daft Punk by anyone good.
  10. the music in melee sounded like midi as well
  11. All the people complaining about the 'terrible samples'. Who the fuck cares? 'Ognoes, my trained musical ear can't hear the resin grating against the 2nd viola in this song, this is awful I expected better from Nintendo'.
  12. oh my fuck HE'S RIGHT Edit: 'blah blah samples' shut the fuck up
  13. Seriously, it takes like more than ten hits with it to kill one of those purple crab things. It's a hunk of junk in this game.
  14. Are you kidding? It's awful. It barely even damages enemies in this game.
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