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  1. I wish I'd written this review a long time ago. This remix is the best of the best. I mean, I like a lot of remixes on the site an awful lot, but in all the time I've been listening here, this is one that is never, ever boring or repetetive, no matter how many times I've listened to it or how familiar the whole thing becomes to me. It is, of course, the best remix of Schala's theme in existence, and went a direction with the melody that I think augmented the dramatic sweetness of it (which is rare, and in this case mind-blowing, since the original melody was already pre' 'leet). Israfel, d00d, you are a fucking genius. Two more things about this track: I sometimes street race on a windy mountain road nearby my house, and sometimes on the freeway, and this is one of my favorite tracks to do either one to, or to drive fast to in general. The other thing is just that I'm an aspiring screenwriter, and there's a particular screenplay that I wrote that, if ever produced, I would kill to get this song on the soundtrack of, no matter what copyright roadblocks there might be. Heh. So yeah, it's one hell of an awesome remix, and Israfel should be made king of a medium-sized island villiage for calling it into existence, and DJ Pretzel as well for having created a forum for me to find awesomeness like this. God Bless you both.
  2. I'm a die-hard sucker for FF7 remixes (it goes hand in hand with my being a soundtrack junkie for any movie or game whose story really struck a chord with me), but even despite that, I really thought this was a fantastic mix. I like all genres of remixes on this site, and the ones that I usually gravitate toward are bread-n-butter techno or dance tracks, but I like a track with a high quality sound and a dramatic/unusual take on the original melody. Together with Israfel's Lesser Kerubic Patchwork, I'd have to say that this is one of the top remixes in this category, therefor, in my book, making it one of the top remixes on the site (and by 'one of the top' I mean a very small number here, like five, maybe--and I've heard the vast majority of them). Anyway, another thing about this track is that it's the first one I listened to after a long hiatus from downloading from this site, and thanks to it I managed to discover DJ Orange's other two remixes (having missed them before) and I have to say, he is a talented remixer. I look forward to more by him! Keep up that badass work.
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