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  1. Recently in #ocrwip... [17:34:57] [skb]: I think I am psychic [17:35:14] [skb]: because I have been obsessed with the Lifestream song recently [17:35:17] [PrincessTensei]: moar like psycho [17:35:21] [skb]: and I was mad it wasn't on VotL [17:35:24] [skb]: and then I check ocr [17:35:33] [skb]: and its a lifestream mix by anso and fishy [17:35:45] : skb is scared of his own psychicicity [17:36:32] [PrincessTensei]: they also were talking about submitting it like 6 months ago [17:36:49] [skb]: and it kicks ass [17:36:50] [skb]: >_> --- Great work, guys. Very lifestream-y.
  2. Neato. I'll probably pay for it via iTunes Plus; I'll ask my mom for money because its my birthday tommorow. Is System available on iTunes Plus too?
  3. I'm debating with myself whether I should or not. I think my lazy side is winning though. :/
  4. I'm totally digging the ethnic-techno stylin's. Kinda like zircon's "The World Circuit". It's come a long, long way since I heard the WIP you sent me, and it went from "awesome" to "ZOMGKICKASS". (Yeah, I still have the wip on my HDD) Keep up the good werkz anso! (And I'll beat Psychonauts one of these days. I swear it.)
  5. Done'd. Heh, when zircon first told us about this in #ocremix, it said "would you pay sixty dollars ($70) for a game like this?" Some lulz were had.
  6. SonikBoom


    Thinking about it, it reminds me a lot of Electroplankton.
  7. SonikBoom


    Holy crap. I want one of those so bad now. Like, really REALLY bad. I bet they're hella expensive though. (EDIT: Yes, like 850 USD.)
  8. It's a site about music in videogames. And I love Super Smash Bros. music (Probably one of my favorite soundtracks of all), because they're almost always reinterpretations by the actual composers, which is kickass in it's own right. I usually do listen to other music when I play FPSes, and MMO(RPG)s. I don't have any specific playlists, per se, I just listen to my whole library on shuffle. But, if that's what you like to do, I'm cool with that.
  9. Oh yeah. I've never actually played Bust A move, so all I got is Bubbles.
  10. I have 750 (not including OCR, which is about 100) songs on my 30GB iPod Video. (Which runs RockBox. I swear, that Bubbles game is one of the most addicting games I've played.) Woot. 1st post!
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