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  1. I've bought my share of bad games, but most of them I bought cheap and only half expected to be any good. The worst ones are those that have you expecting greatness and then turn out to suck just as bad as those in the bargain bin. Gungriffon Blaze = biggest disappointment in an unknown game for me. I love Armored Core, and this looked like it had similar gameplay. Unfortunately, I couldn't play more than 5 minutes of it because the damn sticks were reversed. There should be some kind of law that the left stick will always be for movement, and the right for camera/turning. Even worse, t
  2. Bionic Commando was ok, but the lack of a jump really killed it for me. Take a look at Ninja Five-O for the advance.
  3. A few of you have mentioned games that use 3D graphics for 2D gameplay. Personally I think this is a bad idea for the most part. In many cases, such as the new super mario bros, the 3D graphics look much worse than good 2D sprites would and did. Also, the 3D graphics tend to make it more difficult to differentiate between background objects, foreground objects, enemy fire, and whatever else is on the screen. I'm sure those of you who have played the newer contra games or space shooters have noticed this. Even some games that are not viewed from the side can look much better with well draw
  4. good to hear about the metroid series, I thought they were going to stick with the prime style games from now on. I haven't tried the ZX games yet, mostly from my disappointment with zero. It felt like you couldn't dash as quickly as in the X games (though this was probably because of the smaller screen) and the extra weapons he got were mostly useless. I miss the armor upgrades from X, especially the ninja armor in X6. I also loved how Zero got extra moves instead of selectable weapons, giving him more of a smash bros feel. I'll agree that contra is still going strong, along with the adv
  5. Just want your thoughts on the matter. It seems to me that most of the great platformers of the snes era have gone downhill in quality, especially play control, and others are dead altogether (I hear nintendo won't be making another 2D metroid). For me, kirby has been a big disappointment, since the main reason I liked superstar was that you had a good variety of moves for most of the powers, and the newer games took many of those out and dumbed them down a bit. Megaman Zero also seems to be a poor replacement for the X series, though I'll admit that many of the bosses were much harder. Th
  6. I don't normally post here, but I've been visiting the site for a long time, and Reuben's remix of cosmo canyon was the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard; not just of the tracks on this site, but of anything. It is a truly sad loss to those who may have known him (I did not), and to music lovers everywhere.
  7. Thanks Zircon, I hadn't heard of SSH but I just found his version of decisive battle from final fantasy 6 and it's just what I was looking for. Also, I'll agree that star ocean and xenosaga both have great soundtracks, though I haven't played either. I'd suggest the Tales games as well if you like those. Also can't forget Chrono Cross (best opening I've ever heard, that violin in the background ROCKS). If anyone knows of anything similar to SSH please post. Here's a link to The Decisive Battle - http://youtube.com/watch?v=P9cFAdAp010
  8. Being a site about music and video games, I expected better responses than this. Doesn't anyone else have custom playlists for their favorite action games?
  9. Yeah, FF7 battle music is all good, I just posted a few examples. As for what's wrong with me, I like to get an adrenaline kick from my music. The whole megaman series has great music but sometimes I like something different for the 20th+ playthrough
  10. I often like to listen to music while playing fast-paced games like Megaman X or Smash Bros. Anyone have some favorite tracks to fight to? Post links if you can. I'll start with a few. Das Omen - E Nomine http://youtube.com/watch?v=jpaPlc62RbE Fight Until We Die - Man 'o War (most of their music is like this) http://youtube.com/watch?v=qhj-jIyUXq4 Lost And Damned - Kamelot Devil's Dance Floor - Flogging Molly Everything Louder Than Everything Else - Meatloaf And a few from OCR... BloodyHell - Castlevania http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR00355/ Power Puppet - Sonic 3D Blast http://w
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