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  1. Thanks for the responses. The noise gate is, as I remember now that you all mentioned it, how I went about it before. But after some fun and experimenting this time around, I achieved the same desired effect by adjusting the LFO event levels of my snth (by the way I'm using FL Studio 8xx). The tremolo technique sounds like something fun to try in my next piece. Again, thanks for all the responses.
  2. I haven't tried any composing for a few years now and a lot of what I was able to teach myself back then has been pretty much forgotten. So I'm hoping for a little push in the right direction. I'm trying to create this effect on an electronic bass tab in a song I'm writing but cannot remember if I did it with phaser or flanger or what. Here's an example of what I'm trying to do: The song is by the band Ohgr and the effect initially kicks in around the :32 mark on the underlying synth. To be more specific (and rookie sounding) it sounds like someone hitting the mute button really fast while
  3. Thanks for the comments. I wasn't worried too much about the repetativeness until I saw how long it became. I'll be working to trim off some of the fat soon. I had a feeling right away that the mixing part would be suspect since that's always been a weakness of mine. But I'll work on that too. I also edited the OP with a link to the original song since that had slipped my mind. Again, thanks for the reply.
  4. I had never, ever, even heard of Diddy or Coolio until their respective "covers" were released. And to this day, I could not name one song either of them has written aside from the previously named songs. Here let me hand you the hole for your logic. There we go.
  5. Best sampling possible: and from a somewhat unexpected source as well. What is the sample in this song from anyway?
  6. Hi. This is a revamped version of a remix I did a while ago and posted here. I like this version better. I think it fits the overall mystique and atmosphere of the game and original track (Pandemonium). Here it is: Original piece: Thanks.
  7. Wow. This place looks different! It's been a long, long, long time since I last logged in here. Anyhow, I was pumped when I heard about the Alice sequal on McGee's site. Some of us over there are throwing together a little remix project of the original score by Chris Vrenna. I love this soundtrack and figured I'd take a picklestab at my favorite track from it. I'd say it's about 90-95% done. I'm pleased with the layout and flow, but I'm horrendous at mixing/fine tuning my pieces, so I thought I'd head back to my old stomping grounds and put it through the OC community gauntlet to see wha
  8. It's worth a shot. Though I'm still peeved that the original issue hasn't gotten any better no matter what I try.
  9. I used to use a little mp3 program to record whatever the sound card was playing on my old XP computer. Everything worked fine back in the day. Now I have this new Vista computer and about 10 freeware sound recording programs later and about a hundred trips to the mixer panel of my card, I still can't get anything to record the sound it plays. I have a SB Audigy PCI sound card installed along all the software that came on the CD. I just updated the drivers and software last night. Installed on the computer are: Creative Audio Center, Audio Console; MediaSource Player and Organizer, MediaS
  10. Time for another chapter of Vista incompatabilities. This time I installed my copy of Nero Express 6, which isn't even a year old yet, and Vista repeatedly tells me it has incompatability issues with it. It gives that familiar "Close Program" or "Check for solutions Online" screen. It continued to say that the program was made by something called Nero AG and happily informs me that there is a fix for this problem at Nero's website: http://www.nero.com/enu/wer-nero3-6.html I have found nothing relating to my problem on this site. The only thing that has been suggested to me is to upgrad
  11. Since I got my new computer a couple months ago, I'm accountering a new, unexpected problem, that actually doesn't involve Vista as before, when installing and running older games. All of my games are kept in cd binders and I've thrown away all the old jewel cases without remembering alot of them had cd keys required to install/run them. Now that my old computer is gone and I want to run some old games on my new one, I'm without the keys to install them. Is there anything I can do aside from buying a new copy just to a sticker with a 20 digit code on it to play a game I already owned to beg
  12. - I have the original CD version 1.0. - I used the auto detect for sound setup immediately after installation. - I think I'm using the BAM.bat. After installing it, a message comes up saying to just type "BAM" to start the game. So that's what I've been using. - Using DoxBox ver 0.72. - I'll try to send the save to you. I don't think it's copyrighted, it's just called 3.SAV and is about 181KB.
  13. Lately I've been having the game I'm playing in DosBox crash. Every time I load up my saved game, I get to play for about 7 minutes before it crashes to dos with this message: The game I'm playing is D&D: Blood & Magic. I'm not sure if this is the game's problem or a DosBox problem. Plus, I can't locate any of the files (UNITS.CPP or MEMMGR.CPP) the message references. I've tried reloading from different saves and reinstalling DosBox and the game and ever time I get to the same point in the game I get this message after crashing. Anyone know what this is all about?
  14. That did the trick exactly. Now I can enjoy my game again. Thanks, Coop. You are officially the World, Major, Minor DosBox title holder in my book.
  15. One small problem I'm having that is really confusing me... I've got dosbox to run the setup off the cd of my game just fine, which is alot further than I was before when not using dosbox, but for some reason when my game asks me what directory to install to, it thinks my C drive only has 110MB of free space left. The game says it needs over 200MB to install and I know my C drive has over 200GIGABYTES of free space. Even when I just open up dosbox and type "dir" to look at the directory, it says I only have 110,xxx,xxx bytes free in my Games folder on my C drive. Is there a maximum amount o
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