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  1. It's cool, just didn't want to get on the bad side of people from assuming it was a rip from the game... and yeah, tis the Gameboy version And yeah man, it's really good for NES/Gameboy synths and stuff Yeah, thinking about it, I'd say an OCR edit might be a better idea cause it's slightly more demanding than a DJ set, since most people would be drinking at a venue and most things sound better at 100dB lol =Fredulom=
  2. Guys, the first thing I've gotta say is that I haven't directly sampled the track... I've downloaded a free VST called "magical8bitplugin" from the website of japanese chiptune band "YMCK" and replicated the track... I can give you the link if you don't believe me... [EDIT: here's the link y'all; http://www.ymck.net/english/download/index.html] In fact, I can give you the Cubase file if you still don't believe me, it's just MIDI... I don't think I should be penalised on that account just because I've been able to re-create the sounds... :S The only thing I actually sampled was the SFX from act
  3. The snare is all EQ man, just working certain frequencies and cutting everything above 70-80Hz or so, so it doesn't cloud the bass drum
  4. Thanks for the comments guys I've added some more stuff to it since you've been speaking about it I've still got a tad more to add, but I'd like your opinion on this first... The link is below ^.^ http://cid-4cb5879a4b016e7f.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Fredulom|4s%20Music/tetris_dubstep-hi_res.mp3 p.s. I apologise for the filesize but some DJs asked for the track to shove in their Dubstep DJ sets... enjoy!! =Fredulom=
  5. Hey guys, thought I'd bring this track to the table Dunno if a lot of you have heard of or like Dubstep, but I recently wrote this track and thought it might be an idea to show you all If I get some good responses I'll probably submit it... The link to the track is HERE. =Fredulom=
  6. Hey guys, I wanted to know what you thought of my remix of Jay Z & Linkin Park's "Numb/Encore". It's a pretty bog-standard dance remix done in Reason 4, just let me know what you think of it Unfortunately, my server isn't working so I'm having to use my music myspace to host it ¬_¬ the link is http://www.myspace.com/myfriendhatesyourfriend Thanks in advance =Fredulom=
  7. Thank you Kanthos for your comments. Spring Yard Zone was compressed using Cubase's bog-standard Multiband Compressor, which I think is a very indiscriminate compressor (compared to FL Studio's Multiband Compressor, for example) and so this is why the track is so loud. That, and also I haven't changed the dynamics of the brass in ANY of the songs which is also pretty foolish of me... I use Propellerheads Reason 3 for all of this and so you can put the bad brass down to the default Combinator brass patches, what do you suggest I use instead? And I know, I know, the clapping is too loud... I d
  8. Thanks guys, unfortunately I haven't had time to update this yet (what with going to university soon and working on Knytt Stories) but I have managed to make some other jazz versions of Sonic the Hedgehog songs: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Casino Night Zone: http://www.i-horse.co.uk/helmet_stuff/casino_night_jazz.mp3 Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Ice Cap Zone: http://www.i-horse.co.uk/helmet_stuff/ice_cap_jazz.mp3 These are both unfinished, but I will get round to finishing ALL of them soon Please comment all of the songs if you listen, =Fredulom=
  9. Yeah you're not the first person to say that the applause is a bit long at the start, I'll edit that a bit down... To some extent it's close to the original but I had a hard time trying to write original material and make it sound "jazzy". If its an issue I'll give it another shot Yeah I compressed it, I'll try another compressor I have cause I've always thought that the original Cubase SX compressor was a bit 'harsh' to say the least. And about boosting the high end, I think that's just cause I'm working off sub-standard headphones ¬_¬ My bad... I'll do that as well. =Fredulom=
  10. Sorry for the double post but I posted it as Scrapyard when it's Springyard >.< I'm such a doofus... =Fredulom=
  11. You used Reason right? And it sounds pretty epic, I like it, however you can't really hear the lower chords of the organ at the start due to the reverb... it's damn good apart from that... =Fredulom=
  12. I managed to tab the Acoustic version of that, I bought the official soundtrack off the internet to Gitaroo Man (the PS2 and the PSP versions are basically the same ) and if you want I have the midi/powertab to it if that helps, that song was pretty cool when it got into it near the end =Fredulom=
  13. Hi, I recently finished composing a remix of the Springyard Zone music from Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis) and I wanted people's opinions on how it sounds (composition-wise as well as mixed and produced). I was thinking of posting it to be reviewed soon and so I wanted people's opinions. However, this is a first draft and I will be adding small things into the works before it is sent off finally but unless I get dire feedback then I won't change much melodically (it's more about adding crowd sound effects etc...) http://www.i-horse.co.uk/helmet_stuff/spring_yard_jazz(1).mp3 Tha
  14. Hi guys, I have a remix here I'd like people to talk to me about, It recently got rejected and I'd like to know what I could do to improve it (I know you get this a lot). It's a remix of the Drowning music from Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. The link is HERE. Thanks a lot for your help, =Fredulom=
  15. Avaris, I'm sure you can edit it yourself can't you? You just edit your initial post and within that you can change the title of the topic can't you? By the way, thanks a LOT for the Reason stuff, I work mainly in Reason 3 and this comes as a MAJOR help to me, especially all these tasty free Re-Fills =Fredulom=
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