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  1. The reason the song was not used was because the song largely resembled the score of The Rock, and the studio was prepared to go to court over it. Rather than go into a legal battle, they changed it in the final version. It was actually confirmed in a magazine that did an interview
  2. Hey guys. I don't usually post requests, but I had a bit of a big request that someone might want to take up. Theres a lot of really talented people here, composers, singers, remixers, etc, and I figured this would be worth a shot. If anyone has ever played or seen clips from Ratchet and Clank 3, they'd likely have seen the Courtney Gears music video scene, where she sings a 55 second song telling robots to kill us. The song style, and character, is an obvious play off Britney Spears, and the youtube link to the song is below. The challenge is this. The song only has one verse and a chorus (also included), and is obviously just a short game cut scene. What I'd like to see someone or a group of people try to do is make it into a full length vocal song. <Lyrics> (Spoken) Yeah, whats up people, its Courtney Gears. Are you feelin' me robot? I feelin' you. (Singing) I see a future, what do I see? Robots goin' crazy, cross the galaxy Can't stand organics, they're soft and squishie The time is now, we robots must be free (Spoken) D'you wanna be free? Then shout with me, yeah! (Singing) This goes out to all you Robots cross the galaxy Its time for you and me to rise, up, and, strike, back Don't, stop until we dominate, won't you feel great When we exterminate - all - or - gan - ic - life.
  3. Maybe its just me, but this one doesn't seem to have the emotion the other one did. I can't quite tell what it is, but your voice seems weaker somehow.
  4. Not that I know much about vocals, but I don't think the scooping is unnecessary. I'm pretty sure thats following the melody of the song.
  5. Thanks. And yeah, I do know what you mean about a few chaotic parts, where the melody kind of fades away and everything plays at once. I was trying to make those more of a harmony. I'm hoping it passes, but its my first remix, and I didn't really expect it to. I more wanted the experience in it, and also the advice from the judges. And who knows, it may pass
  6. mmm.. well, I recognize the songs. But its really not a remix of the Hyrule Castle theme, more of the Legend of Zelda theme remixed with Hyrule Castle and the Grindery tossed in. Oh, and point of info, that song actually isn't the Grindery theme, its actually called 'Steel Machinery', from the cinema where the Grindery turns on. The Grindery is track 7 or 8 on your Lunar CD (Since we know all Lunar fans cherish said CD, I know I do)
  7. Sorry, I deleted some of the old versions from my server, since I now have the final copy up there. I toned down the snare a tad and brought out the melody some more
  8. Yay! And yeah, I agree, the harp velocity is way too high.
  9. Alright, I'll give that a shot when I get home. Do you think this one is submission worthy (With the improved melody and louder perc) Edit: Ack, bring back means reduce. Ok, so softer percussion
  10. Thanks, glad its an improvement heh. As for the percussion, I'm a bit torn on that. Some people say the timpani was overused and unrealistic (since you couldn't have a timpani play that many notes in a song realistically). I kind of liked it, but I can see it being too much timpani. www.stfx.ca/people/x2004/x2004cja/ktower-V2T1.mp3 This is a song with the timpani. It also has a crappy brass I removed in the second take, but it gives you an idea of what the timpani was like.
  11. Hey all, just wanted to get an opinion of my remix revised. www.stfx.ca/people/x2004/x2004cja/Assault_On_Kefkas_Tower_Final.mp3 Again, first remix, but second version of it. Heres hoping you enjoy! EDIT: URL updated. This is the actual version I submitted.
  12. Alright, so the problem is with my lack of skill in using them, not with the samples
  13. Thanks for the advice. I am going to go back and re-write the melody a bit. I -wanted- to use trumpets to give it more of a march feel. But they -always- come out sounding like crap. And I'll be honest, I really am new to this stuff, in all honesty I barely know what a tracker is Edit: Ok, I have a second WIP if no one minds listening www.stfx.ca/people/x2004/x2004cja/KTower3.mp3 I varied the velocity and note durations a bit, and add a more interesting melody on the second run through. Is this closer to what you meant by realistic? And Leah, do you mean the velocity? I've actually got a working song where I'm experimenting with different velocity, it seems to be going pretty well.
  14. Alright, I'll give that a shot. But the sample quality themselves, are they any good, or should I search for something better? I'm debating aquiring the EWQL Orchestra pack.
  15. Well, like I said, Amateur hour I've only really done one piece, rather, am working on one piece. www.stfx.ca/people/x2004/x2004cja/KTower.mp3 From what people are telling me, the arrangement is solid, but the sound quality is low
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