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  1. I see. I can add link to NSF file, will that be ok? Also, I've added alternative link to an ogg track, can you check if that one works for you?
  2. Sorry, is it a message from browser or player or something else? Well, I tried to convince him, honestly. No luck, hes very busy and very lazy at the same time. And the last time I saw him on ICQ was 2006/12/30. I'm not a remixer, I'm the one who listens remixes, and from my point of view, it's ok if remix sounds close to original with light modifications and overall sound improvement.. Yes, exactly like tune would appear in the game on a new console, for example. But well, it's just a point of view, anyway. Though, transcoding from lossy formats is very bad, I will do it and provide and alternative link a little bit later. Yeah, there is a fade-out effect on early version, but for some reason he decided not to apply it later. Maybe forgot... Anyway, dont think I will reach him in the nearest future, but I will try. Thanks, I will let him know.
  3. Hello everyone. I own this remix for very long time and tried to convince it's author (my friend) to upload it here, but he refused, coz he's too lazy. He allowed me to upload it wherever I want, but site rules does not allow me to do it, unfortunately. So, after almost 8 years, I finally decided to post an announcement here, maybe someone will like to hear it. I personally love original theme and this remix sounds great too. There are two versions, the early one and the later, cleaned up a little bit. You can grab it there: 1. early version (alternative link, flash player required) 2. later version (alternative link, flash player required) Original tune: link (flash player required)
  4. The best remix for my favorite tune from NES era.. Never heard anything better.. Digimatic rules!
  5. Absolutely agree. Can't say better.. Thank you guys for this fantastic remix! Hope there will be more..
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