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  1. Ah, I hadn't even thought of that. I'll see if I can get around to compiling a zip of those sometime tomorrow.

    That would be pretty cool of you! No pressure though, you've got a whole shopping season to do it :P

    Also, I'd like to add a couple of songs to the OCR list:

    Megaman 8 "Frosty Delight" by DjChako

    Megaman Zero 2 "Cool Mind" by DragonLord

    NiGHTS into dreams... "Soft Museum Jam" by McVaffe (this one's a bit of a stretch but whenever I hear it I think about flying arond a snowy mountaintop... Weird, huh?)

  2. Remember to be thankful for...



    Consumer goods,

    Geographic displacement and the disruption of lifeways,

    Programmed ethnic population decline,

    Blankets that had been exposed to smallpox,

    Deliberate well and groundwater poisoning,

    Other fun white man diseases including typhus, measles, influenza, bubonic plague, mumps, yellow fever, and pertussis.

    Let us all remember...

    The massacres,

    The murder,

    The rape,

    The sacking,

    The enslavement

    The countless extincted groups,

    The people who died to offer us taco Tuesdays.

    And most importantly, let us remember Turduckins, and conenient living.

    Cheers! (taco Tuesdays rule!)

  3. After listening to the tune yesterday on the Super Smash Bros. Dojo, remade in all it's awesome glory, I couldn't help but start listening to the original version, and now I'm completely addicted to the song. And the only rehab may be to listen to a ReMix of it. Personally, I think it'd make a fantastic Rock/Metal tune, or Electronica/Breakbeat song, but beggars can't be choosers, and really, these would be tough songs to mess up, especially for talented mixers around here...

    In the same vein, I've started listening to a couple of the other songs from the Kirby SS soundtrack, "Kirby arrives on the scene" (when Kirby first lands on the Halberd) and "Escape the Halberd," and think those, too, would fit in with the same genres. Maybe even a combination of them, since they all have kind of a similar sound to them (I think).

    If you don't know where to get the songs, here are the three in MP3 format:

    http://gh.ffshrine.org/song/215/40 --> Kirby arrives on the scene

    http://gh.ffshrine.org/song/215/42 -->Taking over the Halberd

    http://gh.ffshrine.org/song/215/45 -->Escape the Halberd

    Thanks for looking :) Even if you don't wanna remix, enjoy the original tracks.

    EDIT: Oh, http://gh.ffshrine.org/song/215/61 --> "Megaton Punch" has a cool level well over 9000, didn't wanna forget that one! It's a tad short but if someone can make a remix outta Pacman, then damnit, someone can make one outta that, too.

  4. So true. I would have bought a PSP and PS3 a long time ago if that was my case. But even Dark Resurrection is not enough to make me buy those systems. When more games come out that I like, then I'll invest in them. When I do, I will definately be playing on-line.

    Hehe, well, if you choose to get a PS3 at some point when it has a better selection, I look forward to playing you in Tekken 6 or something :P

  5. Hehe, well, no online fighting game can beat the feeling of the Arcade. Given the choice I'd rather play at an arcade but I can't find one anywhere in my area, and certainly not one with any decent fighting games. What a shame. I guess online will pretty much replace arcades completely, soon, but it's still tough to beat 'em as far as the experience goes.

    Either way, it's silly to buy an expensive console for one or two games in the first place (even though that's what a lot of people seem to be basing their decisions on).

  6. Forizzle: No, you can connect to random people. But it's nice to know other people who you're playing against, partly because there's no chat unless you have a headset, and partly because random people can be jerks or use lag-tactics, that kinda stuff.

    AS, it's pretty good, actualy. There's definitely lag, especially for people outside the US :( But if you have a decent connection you can usually get by. But then, there's lag in almost everything, and it just ges really pronounced in fighters. But what're ya gonna do... This is it for online Tekken until 6 comes out (I THINK that's online...! I hope.) I think it's probably worth it if you like Tekken and have trouble finding other players in your area.

  7. So I just got Tekken 5 DR Online on my PS3 this afternoon, and have been playing Arcade mode, trying to get back into my groove (not that I ever had one :razz:). I played two online matches against someone I barely know from some other game (it was pretty bad, since he was way outta my league and we had no way to communicate), and I'd love to get some more games in, since playing the AI gets mind-numbing.

    Unless my searching abilities are truly sub-par, this seems to be the only DR thread around here, in which case I suppose this would be a good place for anyone seeking matches to share PSN's and set up games.

    I look forward to seeing y'all online.

    Also, in b4 slowpoke, etc...

    EDIT: I forgot to put in my own PSN ^^; It's "Kashikoi08"

  8. Now, if Kirby eats Ike and gets his hair and his sword, and then Ike grabs Kirby's sword, can Kirby then make another copy of Ike's sword, and repeat until you have infinite swords? I think almost definitely yes.

    Quoted for awesome.

    Funniest thing I've read all day.

  9. Been looking forward to it. It seems like an excellent game, very interesting mechanics, like the completely usable environment and the hordes of interactive NPC's- They way they react when you bump into 'em or run by is fascinating and really makes me want to experiment with them. Also, I like the "If you get stabbed you're DEAD- no lifebar" thing. It looks like it may add a real challenge to the game, rather than just being able to run through and slash everything up if you want (one of the main problems I've always had with MGS is that in such a stealth-centric game, you can usually get through by gunning the entire place up- One-hit deaths sorta ups the ante and makes you think before running through the crowd and killing any opposition.)

    All in all, it looks excellent and I can't wait to get my hands on it (except I probably WILL be waiting until Christmas but whatever).

  10. I'll speak from my own experience here... As you can clearly see, I'm a newbie around here, but the first thing that attracted me was the tournaments (namely, the KOF one from a while ago). Sadly, those have sort of hit the skids (I never knew an OCR forums where tournaments wasn't a subforum and then non-existant, so I never witnessed the supposed glory days, but hey, wtf it's the internet, amirite?) but for some reason I still hang around. Is it because I hope the tournaments make a glorious comeback? Well, yeah. But I also hang around in the community. I've been a bit slow to assimilate but I check out the goin's on now and then. I mean, every day I at least read the forums, if not contribute.

    Of course, I originally came here for the music and was simply a listener for about a year before I even clicked on the little forum link over on the side there. And I still do check the new mixes whenever I can.

    I play the piano (in a way >_>) but I wouldn't say I really know any instruments... but I do like music and definitely appreciate it.

    I guess like has been said before, the major reason this community has survived is because of the community itself, and its leaders. Rarely do I see particularly ugly trolling and everything is well-moderated and civilized because the mods aren't high-and-mighty; Everyone knows who the mods are because they are active and make it apparent, they too are human. Besides that, the site is kept up-to-date with new things being posted all the time. There are plenty of sites that have been around for half as long that are never update and left neglected, to waste away. The community is strong because there's always something new and original.

    That's about it from my noobie perspective.

  11. Gonna agree with Bigfoot and Geoffry on that. The game honestly doesn't take all that long to beat, if you've had it since it came out (or even relatively close thereafter) you should have beaten it. Besides that, it's absolutely amazing that even if you didn't beat it, the Midna thing was a new spoiler for you. Seriously, I beat it months and months ago and still saw a great big picture of the "true" Midna and was leik ok, what's this about? Just because you know she has something doesn't mean the whole deal is blown for you.

    Besides that, it's Legend of Zelda. Why would you play for the story? It's about gameplay, the story is the same every time: "U r hero. U r save princess plz k thx."

  12. i hope you have 3.50 or lower...

    Well damn. I'm at .52 now. Any way I can bring it back down, or will I just have to wait for some industrious modder to come up with a way around it? I imagine if I wait on enough something new will come up anyway so I'm not stressing over it, but it's still a bother

  13. i could pm you every last bit of info you need

    if you want

    you need to have 3.60 firmware btw

    Um... If you're gonna be PMin'g people anywho, perhaps you can send me a copy of that info? Also, where might I get 3.60? I can only find 3.71 via sony and I don't wanna screw my PSP over.

    Oh and I have a fatty (got it right after release!)

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