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  1. This is one addictive game, and I love it. As far as gameplay, the only thing that might be a nice addition is, as someone already said, shooting while in midair. Seems unnatural that you can't. Otherwise beautiful. The graphics are an awesome combination of modern and retro, I really appreciate how it was made with 3D models, watching Iji turn around to deliver a swift kick to a teleporting Assassin looks and feels great. I already read the known issues so I know that it's already being looked at, but holy damn do I get massive slowdown from basically anything. Like, every boss fight (I beat them all but the final boss) results in slowdown which literally brings the game to about half to 1/3 speed. The final boss is about 1/4 speed, to boot. Despite this I'm still willing to fight because it's just awesome. Thanks so much for showing this to me, I foresee playing through it once on every difficulty, then again and again 'till I get every unlockable. Ha.
  2. oh jolly good, how very official this is now.
  3. Huh, alright. RR is probably the better choice over all then. Awesome. Kaillera, via emulation. Which reminds me, Kawaks as always, Metz?
  4. Impressive. Like the rest, I didn't expect the guitar, but it didn't feel gratuitous. Awesome shift. Also, the entire project is choice. Great work, Bad Dudes. And I was just thinking I don't hear enough of Sagat... Ha, never again.
  5. I dunno, although I admit it can be boring to fight the same person with the same character over and over, I feel like people should do whatever they want with the character- even from the select screen, you're already striking your colors as far as potential strategies go. If someone picks Ryu again and again, a good player should know what to expect after fighting him for several rounds (and a great player will know what to expect before the first round even starts ;P) But anyway, you have to be able to use any given character at least twice. Since this tournament is open to people of all skill, not everyone can really be expected to play a minimum of 5 characters competitively. At least being able to use a character twice allows for you to have one or two mains and a pinch hitter in case you need them. Also, Normal Speed is what you're thinking? It can only help my game, so I'm in favor. Heh. Anyway, think there should be a handy-dandy list of people who are officially "in"? Perhaps give an estimated date/time so people can be more sure of whether they'll be able to get in on it. Oh, and is this going to be Round-Robin or Elimination style? I know we used to do RR and I guess it seems most fair, but Elimination seems better suited to doing this quickly.
  6. So if we did the "do it all in one night" thing, would it be a weekend, and would it be set so that each person has a set match at a set time and not showing is a forfeit? Or is it like before where when you see someone online, you get a hold of 'em?
  7. I rescind my original vote of SFA/KOF and instead join the Samsho boat, although I vote for SamSho 4 specifically.
  8. I wholeheartedly endorse this idea. Also, I vote KOF (any of 'em) or SFA3 AIM = fiercekashikoi
  9. Hey guys, I posted on this thread a while back asking about PSP modding, specifically firmware downgrades. Just today, I decided to poke around and see what I could find, and if there's been anything recent. Sadly, I couldn't find anything that pertains to me via google but it might just be me looking in the wrong places. So I'd like to see if anyone here knows: Has a PSP firmware downgrader been made for Firmware 3.52 or higher that does not require a pandora's battery or, ideally, much money at all? My current situation is this: PSP Firmware 3.52 (haven't updated since Dracula X Chronicles), a 2GB memory stick, no pandora's battery and, if I can at all avoid it, no inclination to obtain one. I'm sure that at this point not much will be done but I figured I'd make a last ditch effort to find out what I can and at least know if I'm going to be able to do this or not. So, anyone have any advice or information? Or at least a place where I could get some up-to-date info? Thank you in advance.
  10. I, too wonder what Luigi's is supposed to mean... I figured it might have had to do with ghosts or something but then it just turned into... a bad acid trip, followed by falling off the edge of floating platforms, as any worth-while drug trip does... Otherwise, I thought the Final Smashes were by and large fairly decent, personally. Some were just dull (Ike's FS was made out to be a lot better, but... eh. I would have gone with more fire and explode-y-ness.) Olimar's was awesometastic though, especially when the crowd starts cheering. That was epic. Also, LOL Arek.
  11. OH GOD OH GOD I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T BEEN ON IN LEIK A WEEK. Seriously, I need to get some more games in, I refuse to continue sucking so bad. If you see me don't think twice about asking me for a game. Merry christmas.
  12. You gotta be kidding me. Worst fears come true.... I hope to God Capcom doesn't absolutely wreck this (more). Or am I just stuck in the past and fear change? I think I have legitimate fears.... The graphics don't look super-pretty, either. If they HAVE to make it 3D (since I guess they fold like a piece of paper to popular (ie. moron) demands), could they at least make it nice looking 3D? Also, if the roster isn't >50% new, seriously, I will have a fucking fit. Not a fit of fucking (too bad!), but "fucking" being the descriptor of how pissed I will be. But dammit, it's Street Fighter. I'll buy it even if it sucks, hard. Screw you Capcom. :\ (I'm so conflicted!)
  13. I've had this song for a while, and I've always liked it quite a bit. After a few months of not hearing it once, I just turned the song on repeat and plugged in my good speakers for a few minutes. Great song! The flute (or whatever instrument that is, I haven't a clue) at 0:30 to about 1:00 sounds fantastic, I really like how you switched up the main instrument throughout the song. I also dig the shift between higher-energy to kind of elegant-sounding and then back at about 2 minutes. Good stuff.
  14. Whose ears does this grate on? Sure not mine, and apparently, not on most other peoples'. I don't know none of yer fancy technical stuff, but I lurve this tune, it really feels like it has a lot of energy. Especially starting at 1:40 and going on to that build-up at about the 2 minute mark, it's just a fantastic "pump-up" song, and it carries through to the end. The ending, too, is great. The chorus is a nice addition where it's used, really brings those parts out. I wish you'd post moar leik this, Gecko D: Sounds great.
  15. I'm in, of course. AIM is fiercekashikoi (or if you prefer, dividebypeeps)
  16. You fool! You foolish fool! You're falling right into the communist plot! Red menace, etc! First our movies, then socialized health care and then... THE WORLD!!!
  17. I just got XI today and I must say, I'm impressed. I'm working on clearing challenge mode to get me my unlockable characters (which bastard thought it was a good idea to make Mai an unlockable and to completely remove Leona? I hope he got fired for that one. Or at least a pay cut) and it can get to be genuinely, well, challenging. Overall I rate it a 9/10. The graphics, while great KOF 2D style (which I LOVE btw) come off as looking way too blurry as far as the sprites go, and I think that is easily avoidable; and a lack of online play, while understandable, is a tad disappointing, since ain't no one in my area who plays KOF. But all in all, an excellent game, really, very exciting and fast-paced, moreso than other KOF's that I've played. Oh, and it's tough to beat that price, so I'm not complaining
  18. Something about playing a bug-ridden, glitchy game for hours... and hours.... and hours... and hours on end (that you might or might not even like, I dunno if you can choose what games you're testing but I think not) and document everything wrong with it.... It just seems like that kind of job that would make you want to delete any accounts you may have on game-related forums, unplug all your consoles and delete any games from your computer, and pawn them all off to buy some pretty, pretty drapes to distract you from the fact that you aren't even making a living wage.
  19. Wintermute and Danimal, I appreciate the outrage on my behalf, really. But it's ok, just take a deep breath and remember- it's the internets, and serious business though they may be, well, it really doesn't matter. But a note for anyone who posts from this point on: No more Nightwish, PLZ. There we go, this should alleviate further people who didn't care to comprehend the OP. Thank you again, everyone. Oh, and Aninymouse, I don't know why I found it so funny, but I fuckin' rofl'd for a solid minute or two at the comment about the Luigi missile thing. Thank you for that, too.
  20. MAN has there been a response to this question... I'm impressed, and a lot of these are great! I can't reply to everyone individually but I wanna let y'all know it's very appreciated, and I've been making an active effort to locate songs by many of these bands. A few quickie responses: Aninymouse: Your list of artists was epic-cool and I plan to check out all of those that I haven't heard very soon. I appreciate the huge-tastic list! All the people who've said Nightwish and Within Temptation (and the other Symphonic metal bands): As much as Symphonic has it's place (and it does!) it's not quite what I'm after, y'know what I mean? Not really into the, I guess.... Operatic-sounding singing. I've listened to the symphonic genre a few times (and even listened to several Within Temptation songs extensively after a friend recommended to me) and really, that kinda stuff always makes me think of Evanescence and, well, if you like that stuff, I'll bet you'd like Symphonic. But it's not really my thang. I appreciate it though, I do. Danimal Cannon: I think I like them Drain STH from their description alone (Alice in Chains with hawt swedes? Do want!) I'll be sure I take a test-listen before I go out and buy every album of theirs I can locate, but it seems worth a shot (since I like me my Alice in Chains). CHIPP: if I'm able to find Tai'a outside of youtube, they might become one of my new faves, but they are HELLA hard to locate, either free OR albums. Might just have to enjoy what I can find in vids. :/ At least for now. Thanks big time, though. Awesome stuff. IBBIAZ: Hmm, ya really think? Maybe. I'm not sure if that vid could tell anything in particular since it's possible that kinda stuff could be processed too, so I dunno. Are you just basing that on your own hearing her or is it stated by some reliable source that she does?Arch Enemy is still rocking ass, and many of the really good bands are tough to locate. Why is it that people just refuse to listen to good music and continue to plug their ears going "la la la CRAAAAAAAAAWLING"? Well, whatever, it's their loss for not actively seeking it... Thanks again everybody My music folder is becoming larger and larger by the post!
  21. Honestly, the genres and sub-genres drive me nuts, too. I was just trying to specify what I was after to make it easier for y'all helpful folks. ANYWAY, I checked out some tunes by Melt Banana, and they're interesting, that's for sure. I'll check out some more stuff, it's pretty trippy. Haven't looked up Milka quite yet, but I will and I'll let you know how it goes SotSS- I checked out all those bands. I absolutely LOVED Light This City, THAT'S the kinda stuff I'm after, for sure. Shadow isn't too bad, and Darkestrah is definitely very good stuff, too, although something about the singer's voice didn't sound as good as LTC. I'll see if I can look up something better quality than a youtube video, but this is definitely going on the right track.
  22. Holy shit, I just went to youtube and saw a vid of Arch Enemy. Jesus, if I'd heard that without a video and the knowledge the singer was a woman, I would have never believed it. I need to look into this... Fantastic music. Hehe, Wikipedia was the first thing I checked out, naturally. But with what appears to be about 600 bands on the list, I had no damned clue where to start- I mean, how many of those are what I'm actually looking for, and how many are actually any good? That's why it's always better to ask people who might have decent taste in music.
  23. This is relevant to my interests. Hope to hell I can get in on that. I'll get my ass handed to me, I'm more than certain, but what the hell, gotta have fun somehow.
  24. Hey, so I was just thinking I have about no artists with female vocalists in my music collection (save for a few from here at OCR and a couple Tsunami Bomb songs). Seeing as how this is a very music-oriented community, I was wondering, does anyone here have suggestions for good rock or metal bands with female lead vocalists? I would like to specify what I'm going for-- I'm not looking for Symphonic metal, such as Nightwish or... Well, if you don't know Nightwish, Google it, and that's really not what I'm after (on second thought, Evanescence is also a good example of what I don't want). I'm also not looking for super-clean sounding pop-rock things like... God, I know I'm mixing up genres here, but artists like Feist, Avril Lavigne, that kinda stuff. Basically, what I'm after is good hard rock, alt, grunge, heavy/power/speed metal, punk, etc... with female vocalists. I dunno if you guys are familiar with them, but Tsunami Bomb is a great example of what I'm talking about, but I've been trying to find other stuff. Oh, and final note, English-language is preferred but not a necessity- I'm very aware that Europe has some great, great rock/metal musicians, as do some Asian countries. So, do share please, I'm all ears. I'd look for myself, but when I look up bands with female vocalists I either get new-age hippy-ish stuff (which is fine but not what I'm interested in) or symphonic metal that just makes me lol. Hard. (no offense if you dig that stuff). tl;dr- bands with female rock/metal vocalists, GO
  25. Reu's music is what first led me to this community and really shaped many of my musical tastes thereafter (I was only... 13, 14 when I first heard his "Ryu's theme for 4 pianos"). I sincerely hope that wherever his spirit may be, he continues to create wonderful and powerful music; and that here on our Earthly plane, people will continue to hear and be affected by his music, and that he will be remembered for years and years to come. His devotion to his art will be missed.
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