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  1. It's questionable weather or not the parents are responsible for such deep rooted mental instability. Mr. Cho was 23 years old, an age where his parents were no longer responsible for him. He didn't kill anyone when they were his legal guardians, and he went to an in-state school, so it wasn't like they sent him across the country. This was Cho Seung-Hui's fault, no one elses.

    I'm not saying that his parents were the cause of his instability. However, it apparently was known that he was not... "right" in the head. I'm sure his parents knew it. It's not as if they couldn't have done anything to prevent this. Therapy stands out in my mind. Also, I'm sure that if a person is deemed a danger to themselves or others, a certain power over this person can be exerted.

    I will agree that ultimately it is his fault and his fault alone (though looking back at my comment, I suppose it's pretty easy to interpret otherwise, sorry). I'm simply saying that it was preventable, had his parents been paying attention and taken care of this instability immediately, rather than let this man go out left to his own devices. That's all. It's bothersome that dangerously unstable people are being left to do as they please, especially when it results in 32 deaths of innocent students.

  2. Disgusting... And something that could have been prevented VERY easily. I blame the parents (what an original stance...) for this. They couldn't have not known their son was a god damn psycho. Look at all the evidence! Yet still, they send him to such a huge school to live by himself? Are you kidding? That boy should have been detained, or at the very least he should have been forced to live at home and go to a school closer by, so that he could be supervised. But nooooo, for whatever reason, they still send someone who was clearly not right in the head to school. Gun laws, video games, the media, the school, the police, the government, the Palestinian guy with a cellphone camera, absolutely none of that has to do with this. It's completely because of the parents, and they should be locked up for neglect of a kid who should have been treated like a five-year-old.

    My condolences go out to anyone who has lost a friend or family member from this tragedy.

  3. Oh please, everyone knows a real man can (and should) play Street Fighter, King of Fighters and anything with Fighter in the title, with, and only with, a computer keyboard with WASD controls and JKLM<> for buttons. Since I'm too cheap to buy the games OR the fancy USB-PS2 or whatever converters......

    Guilty Gear was really the first 2D fighter I got into. I've read the Sirlin articles, and I know exactly what you are talking about. The reason the PS2 version is more expensive is simply because it's rarer. The XB version is actually tweaked for more balance and such, and it's more plentiful, so you should prolly go with that, if you're getting a stick.

    Also, on the topic of Guilty Gear, anyone know about this supposed new GG game, Ancient Core or whatever? Is it actually, like, new, or is it another GGX2 revision? I could live with it either way, but damn, I want to see a new GG so bad. Ishiwatari needs to crank out some new characters or something, srsly.

  4. We should all wait for more info before we start creaming our pants.

    Frankly, you should have posted earlier in the thread, waaay too late by now.

    When I saw this thread on the OCR front page, I literally did a double-take. I've dreamed and hoped for this for so very long. I loved NiGHTS as a wee one and to this day I bust out the Saturn to play for a few hours. I can't wait for this.

  5. Hey, not sure if this applies to anyone, but I found an excellent Guy tutorial on youtube today.

    NFW. A Guy tutorial!? B.. Broken... Friend... FRIEEEENNNNddd... *gnaws on brain*


    You are a good person for posting that. Much thanks. And good luck finding a good one for The 'Gief. If you're going to be playing him, you might as well consider me beaten.

  6. Whenever I happen upon a large cushion, pile, or cylindrical thing, I try to see how far I can punch or kick it a la the sandbag of SSBM.

    Whenever I have a number of large, solid things (like a book) in a container (like a backpack) my mind goes straight to Tetris as I rearrange everything until it's perfect.

    I've tried a HUGE number of times to do a qartercircle-forward and punch to shoot a fireball. I haven't gotten anything yet.

    I can't tell you the number of times I've shouted "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" before crushing a spider with my shoe.

    I've often gone charging into rooms and such while my friends are hanging back, proclaiming mightily, "LEEEROOYYYY JENKINS!!!"

    I play a LOT of rock paper scissors (RPS, as it shall henceforth be known). I challenge people all the time. And it's ALWAYS best 2 of 3. So when the game starts I declare "Battle.... FOIGHT!" After any round I win, I say "Victoly!" a la SamSho. If someone wins the game without losing one round, I say "Flawless Victory." And if I beat someone's scissors with rock, I make a point to shout, once more, "WRYYYY" before crushing their puny scissors with my mighty rock. Who says 2D fighters are dead ;)

    Not to mention all the 1337 I use. pwned, lol, o rly, wtf, ftw, noob (and many variations thereof- it's my choice insult). Hell, I use more 'net slang in real life than I do on the internet.

    Reading over this list, and realizing I actually DO all that stuff makes me think: I am one screwed up kid. :)

  7. I say this because America is just to mainstream interest wise to see a good 2D Street Fighter. If Capcom of America does decide to make Street Fighter IV the first thing they will do is make it 3D. Whether it is fully 3D or 3D with 2D gameplay. Lets face it, Americans don't buy 2D games anymore.

    I'm American and I buy every good 2D game I can get my grubby mitts on. I think that the publishers have more than enough fans of 2D fighters that they'd be able to make a nice profit. If they WERE going to make SF in 3D, then it would almost certainly be a spinoff of the main series and we'd still have 2D style to fall back on with the main series.

    And I can guaruntee if they made a 3D Street Fighter for the main series from here on, Capcom would lose so much money and so much respect with the gamers and the hardcore fans who buy everything from them that they'd utterly screw themselves. I have faith that Capcom, of all companies, is smarter than that. And I can't say that for many companies. I thought I could for SNK but they went and made Maximum Impact and jammed a knife in the fans' collective back.

  8. I pinpoint the exact moment that the Sonic series was destroyed as Sonic Adventure 2. When I first saw Shadow, all I could think of was that scene from the episode of the Simpsons where they added Poochie to the Itchy and Scratchy show. "Needs more attitude." It should just be Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. That's all. And they should never, EVER speak. EVER. It makes it all so much worse.

    I refused to play Shadow the Hedgehog when it came out, I refused Sonic Heroes, and I nearly puked when they decided "lawl lets put sonic on a AIR BORD LOLOLOL!" It sickens me.

    I'm going to go play the anniversary collection on my Gamecube now and enjoy S3&K, probably the high point of the series (except perhaps CD- I don't know, I've never played). Screw the new Sonic game and how dare they give it the same title as the sacred original. Blasphemers.

  9. When I first read that article, it didn't seem that bad. I mean, if the games are wuality, who cares, really? And if the guys at Tose really don't care for credit, well... So be it, it's their business.

    But then I thought... Japanese developers are more clever than that. No, it couldn't simply be for money, or to (god forbid) selflessly help another company achieve commercial success. It is WORLD DOMINATION. That simple.

    I mean, consider this: The games they mentioned, things like Virtua Fighter Adventure, that Dragonball game, Rocket Slime... Those are all spin-offs of incredibly, incredibly popular series, right? Which means a hell of a lot of people bought them. They KNEW lots of people would buy them. Now, what could a developer who is not even mentioned in the creation of a game possibly do with an audience like that? Subliminal messages! It's so clear once you understand that a secretive, international organization like that can only be evil (see: every spy movie ever made ever).

    So, given: Tose IS an evil mega-corporation. They probably have way more going on than just video games. We know that there can only be one goal: world domination. Now, which country has constantly tried to expand but has always been defeated? What country was defeated so badly that we forced them to get rid of every trace of military power? And what country would be so clever as to dominate with roundabout, technological methods to prevent anyone from being able to stop them? Oh, I think we know exactly who Tose answers to.


    Because in Soviet Russia, video games play YOU.

  10. It isn't realism in graphics that will be the next step- I believe it will be the artistic style that will eventually overwhelm the "Wow, I can see every pore on the guy" kind of realism. Take Okami for example. That game was great, and the graphics especially drew players in. It wasn't "Wow, what a polygon count," it was "Wow, that's beautiful."

    Videogames are a fantasy. Some games do really need and make good use of the realistic graphics. It's like the live-action of video games. But what about non-realistic games that have graphics that are both impressive and unrealistic? They're the cartoons of video games. I, for one, liked that whole cel-shading movement that occurred not too long ago. Wind Waker, Jet Set Radio, Sly Cooper... Those were creative and interesting (well, not so much Sly Cooper, in my opinion...) because they didn't limit themselves to being real-looking. They were cartoony, and that was neat.

    So, yes, graphics are important, but it isn't exclusively about realism. It's about drawing you in, making graphics that fit the feeling of the game. Designers should try to be more creative and work on creating art, not counting polygons.

    Of course, even a beautiful game still has to have gameplay... Pretty graphics, a game does NOT make.

    Food for thought- A game with oil-painting-like graphics. How neat would that be?

  11. Yo, it's a pleasure to finally be able to talk to some of the awesome people who make all this fantastic music, and all the great folks here on the forum. I've been a lurker for a few months now, and a listener for God-knows-how-long. I decided to join the elite ranks of the OCR forum when I realized that 99% of every other video-game / music / well-anything-really related forum was pure crap.

    Well, that's about it. I can't make music worth a damn, but I enjoy character design and art in general... I'd love a chance/ excuse to show off any of my stuff around here, sometime!

    I hope I won't be too obnoxious as a newb! Thanks, see you all later.

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