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  1. I'm in contest as well. Can't believe I wasn't already a fan of the real Uematsu, he's been a hero to me for a long time and helped inspire me to become a composer!
  2. About a year ago, I started this project as a fun way to work on my orchestration skills. I absolutely adore the songs from this CD, and was interested in thoroughly dissecting them and transcribing the entire CD (except for Monster Dance, which is awful) into Finale. I'd say I got about 50% through the project, but now I simply don't have the time to finish, and so the project is on indefinite hold. I was wondering if anybody out there was possibly interested in picking up where I left off, and contributing to or finishing the project. Here's what I got done so far: Completed: Vampire Killer ~ Wicked Child Bloody Tears The Cave Partially completed (about 40-60% each): Dwelling of Doom Ever Green Theme of Dracula Barely started (Beginning bars only): Beginning Hearts of Fire ~ Out of Time Praying Hands Let me know if anybody is interested in this (potentially) epic project. -Chronoman
  3. To the people saying Reuben Kee, I already know and love his music, however I am requesting music that can be performed in front of an audience. Reuben (sadly) does/did not offer sheets, so he doesn't count. Thanks to the other suggestions so far.
  4. Hey guys, There's a piano in the dorm lobby and I've been playing for people a lot lately. Most of my requests in the form of "pretty" music that they can "relax to" or "fall asleep to." I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for this type of music. I'm not really looking for classical, but more along the lines of popular, new age, or video game music (although Debussy's Clair De Lune would fit the bill here). Specifically, pieces that are beautiful, flowing, and peaceful. Wind Crest and Eternity from FFX2 PC are two that I play often. So, any help on additional pieces would be great. Thanks! Chronoman
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