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  1. Yes he does - a Roland GR-300. They're very cool, if you like analog synthesis (who doesnt). It isn't MIDI though. I have it and a GR-700, and while the 700 is MIDI, the tracking isn't nearly as good as the GR-300 so it isn't really worth it. They're both still pretty cool. I can imagine it being useful for remixing if maybe you were using it to get a rough track down quickly which you would then edit with the mouse. Could be faster for some people.
  2. This is the first full mix I've ever done and I'm looking for some guidance. It's a remix (actually, it's a pretty straight version) of the Night Highway theme from Snowboard Kids 1 (with some Big Snowman thrown in in the middle). The only people who have heard this at all are my friends, and being such nice guys I can't really trust them to give me honest opinions, so they told me I should post it up here. http://malcolm.duncan.googlepages.com/nighthighway.mp3 Here's the mp3. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for here, mostly tips/critiques on composition, production and such. I did this in FLStudio 7, but I don't have the flp file anymore and I don't use FL, either. I still have a midi version that I've been planning on fixing up in Cubase, although I haven't gotten around. What I used: EZDrummer (sent the midi file to my friend and had him send back the drum track since I don't own that) Hardcore Bass - the Musicman Stingray samples Guitar Rig 2 with my own homemade preset for the guitars There's really minimal production on the other things. Just a bit of EQ on the bass and guitars (none on the drums) since I'm not very good at that stuff. So...comments? I know there's a really awkward chord progression in there around 45 seconds. I've already fixed that. And I know the first solo is wank. Spare me (Is this the first SBK remix ever? There aren't any on this site, but what about others?)
  3. I punch in most of my drums using the drum editor in Cubase and then add the embellishments with a keyboard (I made a DFHS chart and taped it onto my keyboard so I don't forget where everything is) and I find that gives me the most realistic sounding drums. I just can't seem to get things tight enough on the production side.
  4. I would be interested in checking out the DFHS midis you used for the Sonic project (Doomsday and Malicious Fingers, assuming those were in fact DFHS). How do you make them? A keyboard or something like the Trigger Finger? E-Drums? I'd actually be more interested in how they're mastered, since that isn't something I've totally come to terms with and I find my drums often sound weak.
  5. I have some projects in FLstudio that I'd like to move over to Cubase but I can't really get them out. Obviously Cubase can't open the FL project files (would be awfully convenient, though). I'm trying to export them as midi, but FLstudio's midi-export (file -> export -> midi) seems to be broken. It spits out a 0kb midi file that has the proper channel names. Any suggestions? EDIT: Nevermind, I'm stupid. You have to set all your channels as "midi-out". If anybody else has this problem, just click Tools -> Macros -> Prepare for Midi-out. Feel free to lock this.
  6. thanks tweek. That sounds really good. I guess I'll agonize over this for a few days before I decide what to buy. The pricetag on Superdrums 8000 is pretty inviting.
  7. Thanks. Argh. Thanks you guys, I'll try to find some samples of those. Do either of you have a remix on the site featuring one?
  8. Hi, I think this is the right place for this. I'm looking for some big, big sounding percussion instruments. Timpanis and orchestral cymbals, things like that. Are there any libraries that have things like that in them? (Or could I EQ a drumkit to fake the sound?) I have Battery 3 and it has a Marching Band library but I feel like that's not quite what I want.
  9. SnappleMan, what synth did you use for the solos in Malicious Fingers? That sounded really good.
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