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  1. God Damn it. It's this kind of music snobbery that frustrates me. So you don't like one of the Who's most popular songs. That's no reason to attack an entire genre of Music. Clearly Tommy would mean nothing to you. "So Much Classic Rock is crap" No. I understand that music, like any artform is subjective, unfortunately the only way for your opinion to be valid is for your musical scope to encompass a wide variety of classic rock before you can put forward such a strong statement. Pull Your head out of your arse. These are bands that are so important and culturally significant to the world's history and all you can say is that it's crap? At least attempt to appreciate their significance. Doesn't mean you have to like them. Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Cream, The Beatles, Robert Zimmerman, The Allman Brothers, Neil Young, Santana, Pink Floyd, Slade, Paul Butterfield, The Who, FUCKING HEAPS. God Damn it go listen to voodoo chile, or Ten Years Gone or Old Man or Tiny Dancer. Because you haven't. I know you haven't. Dr Roboternook, fuck you, Cerrax has one of the only decent posts in this thread, not because he's might have the same view as me, but because he/she has put forward intelligent thoughtful response.
  2. Hello. When Possible, I'd like my forum username changed to "DinnerTIME!" (obviously don't include the inverted commas). I've checked that it is available. Thanks. If I'm ever in America I'll send a carton of Coopers Pale Ale through to whoever is responsible. SA's Finest! Or maybe Vintage....
  3. Hi all. I've just bought a second hand presonus firebox from new york and my system is having trouble recognising it, when I plug it in, nothing happens, it's not even listed as unknown device in the device manager. Admittedly I'm using windows 7, and have tried selecting the legacy 1394 driver but that has failed to work. I've tried plugging it in on a Mac as well but again nothing. I've yet to try it in a xp system. The led in the top right corner of the front panel always stays red. Any Thoughts? Thanks.
  4. I'm suprised no one has mentioned http://www.backtoblackvinyl.com/ universal are among many to reissue some of their more popular vinyl back catalogue now, which includes a digital copy to download (320kbps I think, mp3). I got Cream's Disraeli Gears and I love it. Also Big Star (a record chain here in South Australia, not sure if they are national) stock heaps of old new and used vinyl stuff. Vinyl is back, at least untill scientists work out how to transmit music via lightwaves. Yes the acid rock stoners had it right all along, 'seeing' music is awesome. There's something so nostalgic about vinyl, about having to be so careful with the disc, makes the music seem precious. My cd's get thrown around like a economic stimulus package. I've got some leo kottke (who in my opinion is the vai of acoustic guitar, he is in-fuckin-credible) some amazing stuff by Keith Jarrett, Stacks of old blues re-issues like son house, robert johnson and muddy waters, and even a original woodstock live album. God damn hendrix.
  5. Thanks for clarifying this for me guys. Looks like I'm saving for a keyboard. I've been a fan of Harmony's, Pixietricks and Sixtosounds for a while but just checked out some of Game Overs stuff. Live Metal Nintendo covers. In a word. Awesome. in another word, Metendo. Cheers.
  6. I'm a little confused about the hardware required so I'm able record a signal from my guitar into the computer. Say for example I've got a presonus firebox, which has a mic hooked up to it that is placed in front of my guitar amp. Using a program like fruity loops am I able to digitally mix/synthesize the signal from the mic, or do I need a hardware synthesizer/mixer to achieve this. Similarly is it worth investing in a midi interface for my guitar? Alot of the remixing seems to be based around keyboard/piano input, especially by the better artists (Big Giant Circles, Sephire, Zircon, DJPretzel) I essentailly want to be able to play on my guitar and have the signal processed to sound like a piano for example. I'm sorry if I don't make much sense, I'm totally new to this. Thanks all.