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  1. I have been waiting YEARS for a remix of a song from this game. I almost burned out my snes listening to music from this game non-stop. I hope this is the first of many!!!!
  2. I love it. I have been waiting for this to come out for months. I was not disapointed.
  3. I loved it. My only complaint is seeing it on the "to be posted" list for so many months. The anticipation was killing me. Fortune favored me when My Ulcer was only a small one.
  4. I cannot believe there is not a remix of "Still alive" on OCR yet. There are a few On Newgrounds but none even submitted to OCR! It is just too awsome to Ignore!!!!!!!
  5. I have looked at the to be posted list. I found Dragon warrior "overture variations". IN two months it will have been on that list for a year. why do the judges panel fast track some track and make others wait all this time. I know Some DJ pretzel can post stuff he has evaluated himself instantly. But why do so many things evaluated by the judges panel seem to skip the line entirely, while others wait for months. Is there a :oops:"Financial":oops: reason involved? Say a $20 pay pal to the right people.
  6. Where can I find downloadable Versions of the pic's they use in the top right corner of OcRemix.org pages?
  7. I noticed that many songs have been up on the "To be posted" list for months. I know that each submission is given it's time in the sun on the front page, but It seems that many songs are Fast-tracked, while others wait months on the list. I have seen a few that did not seem to appear on the "To be judged" list, appear on the front page. It seems unfair to make some submissions wait for a long time while others get moved to the front of the line. I would understand If it were a song for A Holiday or something, like a Christmas version. but this has not been the case.
  8. I get it. But 3 Months? That seems a bit long. And that is after waiting a long time for it to be evaluated. There could be over a 6 month waiting period between submission and posting. And your standards to not explain a delay of 3 MONTHS. that is 90 Days AFTER evaluation!
  9. I saw on the "to be posted" list a large number of songs. Some have been there for over three Months. Why Do they wait so long?
  10. I would like to hear a remix of the Mana's mission, only without the unrelated dialog like the last one. there few vocals do not manage to ruin remixes for me. that was not one of them.
  11. I like much of the music from that game. I would love to hear the boss fight themes again. the boss fight aproaching music was a masterful.
  12. I would love to hear a remix of the intro/credits music from doom 3. I would also love a few songs from serious sam. espically the fight song that you hear while approaching the gates of memphis.
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