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    Been listening to OCR since i discovered it in 2003, i'm a fan of pixietricks and SGX. I own all Final Fantasy Series games released in US upwards of IV (excluding certain spinoffs like Dirge of Cerberus, FFTA)
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  1. this is the first song with Jill Goldin (aka pixietricks) i ever heard, and i must say, its one of the most beautiful remixes on this site. Jill's a VERY talented vocalist, and i look forward to hearing more from her.
  2. some kick ass riffs in this one... you can't HELP but rock out to this one. I was listening to this one, and my bro's like "you're listening to a metal remix from chrono trigger!?" i'm like "NO, you noob, its CT, FFV, and several others and kicks the crap out of anything you could ever hope to make" (background info: my bro doesn't like game music remixes) I've been thinking of turning this one into replacement music for besieged in FFXI. Besieged is just about crazy enough to be worthy of a track like this...