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  1. This song has 110% of my daily recommended intake of vitamin AWESOME
  2. I would kill several puppies for the sake of having an entire remix done in the style of the bit from 1:03-1:20. 17 seconds of pure gold, and 5 and a half minutes of meh. The ambient stuff isn't bad, but let's face; Ambient + Metroid has been done, and done, and done, and done, and done. That 17 second bit is absolutely awesome though. Tough call on this one, but I've just been listening to generic Metroid ambient OCs for too long. Oh, I also like the bit at 3:00 with the strings.
  3. Flawless. I think the drums fit in just fine. Why are people assuming that the bassline sets the tone and the drums have to follow? Drums that just follow bore me to tears. I really don't 'get' all this spy business, though =/ Edit: Btw, I also really liked Lose Your Way Maze. Orange, you're becoming a fast favorite.
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