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  1. Greetings, earlier I posted my song on the forums for some feedback, and I referred to you because you make the same style of music. I was wondering if you would listen to my song and give some feedback on it.

    Thanks, Michael

    here is the song


  2. Heres a song I've been working on a little bit, have a few more tweaks to do but its pretty much finished, Would like to hear some opinions on it http://tindeck.com/listen/xkzc
  3. Heres an updated version added a kinda breakdown section. Please send any feedback my way thanks
  4. This is a remix I have been working on for a little bit. I was just wanting a couple different opinions on it. I made this song without ever listening to the original just stumbled upon the melody in a midi one time. thanks
  5. So my computer completely perished the other day, I have everything backed up, but its going to be a little while with my busy schedule to get it all back up.
  6. so heres what ive been working on http://evfan42.googlepages.com/heavythunder.mp3 hey rozo, im looking to switch from fl studios to a different DAW like logic cause im getting a Mac soon to dedicate as a music computer, what kind of... learning curve for lack of better term am I looking at to switch?
  7. my bad, guess I wasn't supposed to post here... sorry
  8. anyone got anything? greatly appreciated
  9. this song is something I have been working with, I think it sounds pretty good, just, I feel theres something missing and I just cant put my finger on it, I know the ending isnt that great, but I have really worked on finishing it yet, but any comments you guys have are greatly appreciated http://www.fileupyours.com/view/246596/original.mp3
  10. I like this, its a good trance like tune for it. What program are you using and are you using a midi keyboard or just inserting the notes into a sequencer?
  11. right sorry should said that earlier, its a stratocaster.
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