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  1. Greetings, earlier I posted my song on the forums for some feedback, and I referred to you because you make the same style of music. I was wondering if you would listen to my song and give some feedback on it.

    Thanks, Michael

    here is the song


  2. Heres a song I've been working on a little bit, have a few more tweaks to do but its pretty much finished, Would like to hear some opinions on it http://tindeck.com/listen/xkzc
  3. Heres an updated version added a kinda breakdown section. Please send any feedback my way thanks
  4. This is a remix I have been working on for a little bit. I was just wanting a couple different opinions on it. I made this song without ever listening to the original just stumbled upon the melody in a midi one time. thanks
  5. So my computer completely perished the other day, I have everything backed up, but its going to be a little while with my busy schedule to get it all back up.
  6. so heres what ive been working on http://evfan42.googlepages.com/heavythunder.mp3 hey rozo, im looking to switch from fl studios to a different DAW like logic cause im getting a Mac soon to dedicate as a music computer, what kind of... learning curve for lack of better term am I looking at to switch?
  7. my bad, guess I wasn't supposed to post here... sorry
  8. anyone got anything? greatly appreciated
  9. this song is something I have been working with, I think it sounds pretty good, just, I feel theres something missing and I just cant put my finger on it, I know the ending isnt that great, but I have really worked on finishing it yet, but any comments you guys have are greatly appreciated http://www.fileupyours.com/view/246596/original.mp3
  10. I like this, its a good trance like tune for it. What program are you using and are you using a midi keyboard or just inserting the notes into a sequencer?
  11. right sorry should said that earlier, its a stratocaster.
  12. where would I buy a floyd rose bridge and locking nut, could you point out a store to buy them?
  13. Im looking for more of a heavy rock/Metal sound.
  14. guitar setups are you guys running? Im in the process of rebuilding a guitar and was wondering what pickups, bridge, and other hardware I should look into?
  15. if you need some help with drums i would be willing to help This remix sounds really nice, the vocals are a good touch
  16. I like, idk what else to post but I like it. lol
  17. hmmm... I've been looking for a good not touched FF6 song to work on, ill see what I got for it.
  18. this is a very good interpretation of this track I think that at :16 when the lead comes in you should lower the volume on the harp, and bring the lead flute out a little more. from about :44 to about :48, to add to the balance, you can add a decrescendo then bring it back up to the same level it was at earlier at :58 your drums become boring after listening to more than 3 phrases of the same beat, you should mix it up some it'll add some more flair to it. Mostly work with your dynamics, right now you whole song is at one level, bing down to piano at some parts, then crescendo to mf, and so on play with it see what you get. lower your durms, raise the lead. but definitely bring that harp down after a while, it has a good supporting rhythm but. But as far as your instrumentation goes, I think you have a good filled out song, so basically work with your dynamics, and mix your drums up. it'll ad more of a flair to it. also like with your harp you can add little differences in your velocity so it sounds more like a human playing it and not so much like a robot and you can slightly (very very slightly) take a few notes and move them out of perfect sequence. hopes this helps
  19. right, interested to hear but need the file to hear it, so fix your upload, go to like tindeck.com or something to upload the music
  20. This is one of the greatest WIPs I have heard. builds nicely and smoothly in the beginning, expecially like your triplet mixed with your duplet pattern at 49. Then when the lead came in from the marble zone it felt quite in place. Then after that you brought the tension back down towards the end at 1:31 from there you could build back up, Bring in some phat bass beats, well dont overblow it but give it a good punch you know. but thats a suggestion I think that this track has a big shot for a spot in OCR -Mike
  21. This is sweet... now I just gotta learn to play the guitar lol
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