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  1. Now here's an interesting bridge between bLiNd and Zircon in my ocremix playlist! We really need more mixes willing to explore the other genres like this. Love me some bluegrass and big band on ocr!
  2. Yay!!! What a mix! There are not enough words of praise I can possibly attribute to this! Reminds me so much of a 70s rock opera. So peppy and unabashedly... happy! If this remix doesn't firmly plant a grin on your face, then you must have acid flowing through your veins! :mrgreen:
  3. The lyrics for this mix were beautifully written and the performance on guitar was superb. However, I have to say that the vocals are more than a bit painful throughout the majority of this remix. Nevertheless, I think silent actually has a decent voice. I think he simply needed to fine tune his vocals a little more for the recording of this piece.
  4. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Man, I personally thought we were in a bit of a quality dry spell here recently on OCR. Then this remix comes out of nowhere and explodes on the scene. GREAT stuff. The guitar does sound completely real to me too. You won't here a negative comment from me on this one. In my opinion, it's one of the best remixes on this site.
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