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  1. I can see it before me! A humorous track with phat beatz and digitized voices that nobody with an internet connection will be able to avoid. "Now playing: The Wingless - Super Metroid All Your World Are Belong To Girl OC ReMix" ...or not. Good job on this track though, it is really amazing to hear something with this positive emotion and so much going on all the time considering the source! There really are no limits to what you can do (except the submission rules then, huhu).
  2. Yeah I reread the whole thing and that would seem right. First I just clicked on that last link and confused myself, hehe. Anyway, like NutS said, while it's still really cool it is not the simplest to revamp, atleast not for a rookie like myself. Will pass on this one and focus on getting my stuff working, see what you others do with it and get some ideas.
  3. Hey, I really like what you came up with there Xela... If I find the time before deadline (this Saturday if I understood it correctly?) and manage to record without too much static and stuff I'll give it a try! What's the worst that can happen, right.
  4. Yeah it's great! Already talked a bit (on that note; get your ass back on IRC!) but I came to think of another thing I wish to add - it definitely sounds like something "you" made (as in, not only threw together parts but also made the parts) which is awesome. Lots of work on the sound, unique experience. Need an update!
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