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    I'm in a rap group called 10 Crown. I also direct film. I'm remixing some Mega Man 2 music and would like the communities feedback.
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    Rap, Gamble, Produce and Direct

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  1. not sure what is exceptable. just sounds cool. and just got EJ (NICE)
  2. So I busted out tha NES and beat another great classic. Castlevainia the original. On tha way to through, past Frankinstien and his punk-ass monkey, the music for the Grim Reeper really had me jammin. So I couldn't help my self. If you know any1 who says they beat the game with out cheap saves (ME lol) there either bullin' or played 100 times in a row. I challenge anyone to produce a Castlevainia speed run video. I love NES. http://www.zshare.net/audio/castle-rock-wav.html
  3. It's got the Double Dragon/Battle Toads feal to it for sure. I think the sound that comes in about at 1:30 really sets off the enviroment. With a little more equalization, its phat. Can't wait for the next update.
  4. Added in the 'Power Buster Charge' in with the snare roll. Let me know what you think. http://www.zshare.net/audio/hata-man-x-mm2-crash-man-ins-mp3.html
  5. All Fruity Loops and Sound Forge. I used a JNES Emulator to sample the splash.
  6. OK now that I've found a better host (hopefully) I want to show you all my newest MM2 Remix, Flash Man. I'm not sure if it's legal but I mixed the 'CAPCOM Splash' (the sound you hear while loading most CAPCOM games) in it. This is also going onto the promotional DVD I was telling you about in the Crash Man post. It's still not equalized or close to being recorded but feedback would be greatly appretiated. (No mastabatory ego stroking LMAO) http://www.zshare.net/audio/hata-man-x-mm2-flash-man-ins-mp3.html
  7. Man My bad you all, as usual I manage to pick the crappiest host possible LOL This one should be better http://www.zshare.net/audio/hata-man-x-mm2-crash-man-ins-mp3.html
  8. I couldn't help myself from pumping my fist in victory! Like the bass line.
  9. I'll consider silence as some what of a tie. LOL P.S. I'm sorry for the bullshit P.S.S. Really
  10. This will be used as the theme song for my group 10 Crown's next promotional DVD, Hata Man X. It's a tribute parody of the greatest game of all time - Mega Man 2. We depict all of our nemisis as Hata Man. (kinda like Mega Mans full of $Hi+ cousin)Premission from CAPCOM pending. For a draft preview of the opening credits go to http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=2013197702 The track is a rap instrumental for seven people so its a bit long. It's also a rap instrumental so it's a little repetitive too lol. It is a feel good anthem about, you guessed it . . . haters http://primeupload.com/file/91621/Mega-Man-2---Crash-Man-Stage-Remix.mp3.html With some very good advise from Big Giant Circles and a few others, this beat went from the pooper to pretty phat. Please let me know of any suggestions or peeves you have with it because it's not yet recorded.
  11. Thats classic. A message board smackdown. For now on when I'm being sarcastic I'll use an *. P.S. Don't step to Icyhotstuntas*
  12. OK look I got fuity loops 3 and sound forge I'm a caveman. (I didn't even know how to put the song on the post) All I wanted was feedback on what I need to do, not a pwning from a couple douches on this message board. But since everyone is enjoying big giant circlular balls, now I'm gettin some actual feedback - everyone thinks it sucks - and its cool
  13. Crash Man's stage MM2 My version is for a promotional CD got some fire lyrics already Gangsta that is
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