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  1. Its not that your song is of poor quality or uninteresting. In fact, I love the sound sound of this. People arent critiquing this as just a song, but as an OC Remix. And the fact is, as good as it sounds, if you make it this close to the source, it has no chance of making it past the panel. Just try altering it a little bit, adding some of your own parts to the song.
  2. Your biggest problem is definitely the reverb, its crowding the hell out of the rest of your soundscape. I will say though that arrangement-wise, this is very reminescent of Vertex^2 stylistically, and I think you did a great job with that. Problem is, I think even with perfect production, a song of this genre wouldnt make it on here. Bemani Speedcore really is a single beat streched out and manipulated over an entire song, save for a few short breaks. I thik with some better production, this could become a nice ITG 13 footer, but its not really OCRs style.
  3. Yeah, you need some more interpretation with this one. If ur not sure of how to add a stronger interpretative factor, you can do it through new harmonies, adjusting the chords and overall notes of the melody, and through certain unique effects (like phasing). Lack of interpretation is the #1 reason things get rejected on here.
  4. Some real speedcore, probably the first Ive seen on here since SMB Dirty Mix. The song carries energy pretty well, though I think it could help tov ery up the dynamics a little bit more.
  5. This was a really nice, feel-good piece. I think you humanized it just enough IMO without making it unstructured. I agree about the scratching effects, Im sure you can quite easily fix those though. Also it seems like at some points, the reverb is a little short to me, which by itself wouldnt be an issue, but it seems out of place with the overall quality of the song. I think this is actually OC worthy as-is, but some better recording apparati would turn this from a good OC remix to a great one.
  6. First off, I really like the fact that your doing some bright ambient stuff here. Almost every mix Ive heard on here is techno/rock, with a few orchestral pieces, so thumbs up for trying something a bit more unique. Now I get that u wanna go the serene route, but I think this may be too serene. You need more instruments to pick this up. The piece really doesn't catch my interest until about halfway through when you bring the strings in. Also the harp towards the end, during the slow-down, is way too loud, u need to EQ than down some. Your arrangement is very nice and soothing IMO, I think ur just having trouble walking the fine line between relaxing and boring at some points. Keep this up Doc!
  7. Some effects would really helpp to deepen the overall soundscape. Like zircon said, reverb and delay could be your best friends here. Also some of theinstruments do semm to "pump" over some of the others. Im not sure if thi is overall EQing or a compression issue, but this could use some more mastering b4 u submit.
  8. You definitely know your orchestral stuff. Even though it is a little murky at points, your dynamics really keep the piece interesting. I cant wait to see the finished product!