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  1. Yes please! This youtube clip uses Mechanical Man as its soundtrack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5UZzgq4NJY MP3s here: http://drno.homeip.net/music.shtml
  2. I think it's great so far. At first I thought it was going to be a slow starter and it wasn't reminding me of RA2 at all what with the bell and the eery atmosphere. But then the melody started. Sounds like sort of a cross between RA2 and Generals. You said you wanted to add counterpoint, percussion, and a climax. It kind of hard to judge without those. After the beat and the melody started I waited to see what kind of sound it would develop... but it just kind of kept doing the same thing - like it was still building up to the main part of it. But I guess that's just due to that stuff you mentioned being missing. What's there so far sounds awesome. This sounds like the background music I'd want if there were an RA2 mod for Generals. Please finish it! PS: I'm sorry I can't describe my impression more articulately. I'm not a musician, just a game remix fan
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