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  1. I read the book a few years ago in high school cuz it looked interesting and was the only comic book at the library. Usually when I see movies coming out for something i like I just sigh and go "lets see how they mess this stuff up." But from how you guys all react I can't wait til it comes overseas so I can see it....in about a month.

    This didn't make any sense to me, but then I saw
    Location: KY

    and I was like, "Oh yeah."

    Meaning what?

  2. DUDE! Aomori's like right next to Niigata I think. Of course it would still be a pretty long way. I don't think the Shinkansen goes up that way so one of us would have to take the regular train.

    hey what do you know about the Punk Spring concert in tokyo around mid april?

    on topic: How close in game play are tales games to star ocean? I only played the star ocean games...


    As long as I can recognize what song is being arranged within the work original work is o'tay. This reminds me of The Black Mages almost based on the sound set.



    There is something captivating in this mix that forced me to bob my head. I don't know what it was but I just got sucked into bobbin at about 1:03ish, I Like.

    PERFORMANCE (live recorded audio/MIDI parts)

    The guitar towards the end keeps pace but sounds off by just a hair, but i didn't really think so til I listened to it about 6 more times so mebbe it's me.


    I wouldn't mind perhaps a hint of choir mixed around or injected in magus theme areas.


    I blared this in my car and pissed off the cops. Well Done:nicework:

  4. But does that solve the problem that I'm talking about right now? No. My point still stands.

    So you were looking for an instantaneous solution? My friend that is unreasonable to request of a company merely searching for profits based on ancient famed titles. Marketing beat out special interest.

    I would think it's more likely that they'll release Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles as separate releases, as it's more likely that people played them that way. So I don't think your expectation is likely. But I won't say anymore than that.

    Your opinion > My opinion, based on speculation? Excellent technique....

    And every other company had more time than they did? You've got to be joking! I really, really do doubt that this reason they spit out is actually true. It's simply a statement of appeasement, and nothing more.

    And what empirical evidence do you have to back up your side of all of this. I have the story (thxs NNY) that supports my side and you just have personal attacks because no-one agree's with your childish behavior.

    Don't talk to me, it's that simple...

    Edited for benefit of others here

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