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  1. the dart gun? anybody? get most ghouls (not glowing ones) one shot? the plans you can buy at tenpenny tower and consist of radscorpian poison (easy), toy car (minefield houses), surgical tubing (my first infirmiry or clinic in megaton) and a paintgun (anything underground). cripples both legs and poisons. deathclaws, ghouls, yao guai and anything that attacks is primarily melee can be walked away from while festively spewing hot lead. also a great money idea....sell the ammo for guns you don't use and always grab any ammo lying around. it doesn't weigh anything! (a missle....weightless >.> ) finally a personal observation is that the weapons shoot a little below the reticule, aim at the top of the head for an excellent nose job.....

    prolly should send this to ign or something....

  2. the only things i find need work would be at about 2:48 after the drumroll it seems like it's building up ....... into a weak transition back to the main theme.....and then again with the ending that just ends. perhaps fade out with just the piano and bells? kind of a creepy fade or slowed ending maybe.

    but the rest of the track is excellent listening especially here at work

  3. My album is free, I'll even ship it to you free. It's fifteen (WOW 15!

    8O) tracks of nothing but silence. It's so quiet you can't even see it in the case! Excellent for sleeping to :sleepzzz: or even just relaxing or meditating! Takes up minimal room on your hard drive or portable media device :razz:, is non-lincensed , and is actually promoted by the record company to be shared via your favorite p2p file sharing program :!:! Order today!

    do I win yet?

  4. creating music for your own game is no mean feat, i kinda just opened the music files and typed what i thought the songs felt like without looking at the title. I've noticed that a lot of the music is very airy and light, it feels more heavenly or the "good guy castle" kinda music. It's definitely background music but sounds like it could be stand alone pieces if finished, which is very hard to accomplish. I am impressed that this is coming from a "first timer." I don't know how much help i can be but i'd be glad to try. If you have any idea's for music or a sound you need, I'd love to give it a shot.


    dream house - sounds like a cutscene or a teleport music

    ballad - village destroyed, gameover

    gameover - load screen, title screen

    floating - flashback, gameover

    grand accomplishment - definitely an achievement of some sort

    joyous reunion - battle victory song

    login - credits, save/load

    walking - title, open map wandering

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