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  1. I like the Tri-Ace logo
  2. Web-five for awesomeness. I recommend Zombies Ate My Neighbors(SNES) as well as IQ: Intelligent cube(PS) but good luck finding it.
  3. Red9

    360 or PS3?

    Also forgot to mention that more and more PS games are becoming availble to download on the PSN for about $10 US. According to the website, PS2 games are next on the list as well.
  4. Red9

    360 or PS3?

    What else do you play, or would you play? It's supposedly coming out 3rd quarter 2010 for ps3 (with an extra char ).
  5. Red9


    I'm sensing a trend here...
  6. Red9


    So Black Lagoon anyone? Caught it offchance and loved it....any more recommendations along this line? (tl to read 20 pages of posts)
  7. Belated Congratulations on the album! I especially enjoy "My way or..." night version, it has a very smooth and relaxed flow. The jerkiness during a lot of the songs stood out and definately threw off the whole groove for the album. Listening to it more indepth brought to mind a lot of minor tweaks for the lead sounds, mainly cohesion of various riffs and (pardon my lack of musical terminology) the lack of blend. I believe the terms are leggato and steccato, steccato being detatched notes, and leggato being smoothly played together. Your choice of tracks for the (assuming) "day" songs are too stiff sounding and feel forced like you're trying to account for every note of the original source. However, the choice of tracks for your "night" verisions blend very well and set an excellent mood. The out-of-rhythm notes are more easily covered up and less noticeable due to their being more fluid and willing to blend. Apologies if I sound like a pompus music critic with an overinflated view of himself and air of self-importance, but I just wanted to let you know of my thoughts for possible improvement. My only suggestion would be a more involved bassline; some basic scales and "walks" would fit nicely. It works in my head anyhow...
  8. ^isn't cool enough to meet with cool dudes
  9. He bares the taint of chaos..... But I gotta believe everyone is so trusting because of the bright and friendly website design. And Pixietricks.
  10. Anyone besides me beat battletoads WITHOUT cheating?
  11. Don't let your oldness get you down Happy Birthday!
  12. okqay..i'll post again yay

  13. yeah...yeah...dammit:oops: So anyone else get a stiff one after readin the thread title?
  14. Lordi! HEXEN could make a comeback kiddies....I like this combo
  15. Portable Ops (and PO Plus)....are....fun....but no story at all.....its the core gameplay with out the cutscenes, both AC!D's are also fun if you like card games mixed with final fantasy tactics. The story is more of an side story spin off than what would be considered "canon"
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