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  1. well done pixietricks, hope 2 hear u on game soundtracks soon. u were the 1 who did the voice in 'Via', were you not? I just wondered, cos i remembered id downloaded that an made a video of it with clips from Final Fantasy X, so i thought ur name sounded familiar. anyway, the vid is on youtube under 'crispymongoose' if u wanna see it, otherwise, well done, congratulations, and so on...
  2. I've always thought highly of OCRemix.com, and the quality of the songs on here, ever since I first listened to a selection kindly provided by a friend who sent me the downloaded tunes over MSN; I soon began to look regularly to see if there were any new Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts remixes on the site. I must say, this is one of the best I've heard so far. I'm really sorry if I've broken copyright, but I took it upon myself (just last night, in fact) to create a music video, a tribute to The Eternal Calm, which I named 'Peace' - the music in the video was 'How Much Longer', and I feel that this is a brilliant way to make sure great songs like this get out into the world where people who wouldn't normally have done so actually have the chance to listen to this totally awsome song. If anybody is interested in watching the video, it's on Youtube (search 'crispymongoose') and Myspace (search 'Trivun'). However, I don't see the video as ever being able to compare with the sheer intensity of feeling of listening to this beautiful tune for the first time.
  3. This song was absolutely brilliant, very emotional, and the guitar sequences made it even better than the original song from the FFX OST. I must admit, I was a bit sceptical when I first heard about OCRemix (a friend suggested I have a look), but now I feel the songs to be brilliant, created by people who obviously have a raw talent for music composition, and this song shows this perfectly. (Sorry to pixietricks, tepid and the orichalon, considering this is meant to be copyright to you guys) I actually took the time to make a music video based on this song, partly for the chance to excercise my film-editing skills, and also to make sure this song gets out into the world where those who wouldn't normally listen to it have the chance to do so. The film is also called 'Via', and it's on both Youtube (search crispymongoose) and Myspace (search Trivun), if anyone's interested. However, the video can't compare to hearing the song for the first time.
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